Thanks for welcoming “The Divine Elements” and Me! (+ Chapter 197)

Hello guys!


First of all, thank you to all the readers for welcoming me to the site and for the warm wishes. I’m still getting settled here (there are some formatting issues I have to fix for a few chapters when they migrated from GT) and just getting the hang of the layout.

For the new readers who are considering to read the story, I have only one thing to say: Read it! 😛

The story starts off steady, but things do take a turn in the third book (ask any old reader about this haha) and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you want something different and refreshing from the usual xianxia tropes. That’s all I’ll say ^^

Thanks again for the support and bear hugs to everyone!


Chapter 197



23 thoughts on “Thanks for welcoming “The Divine Elements” and Me! (+ Chapter 197)” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I was planning on starting this right after catching up with Blue Phoenix lol. Guess I won’t have to go back to Gravity anymore and welcome to wuxiaworld, enjoy your stay 😀

  2. Thanks, by the way you don’t use categories in your posts, I don’t know if they are not ready yet but I can’t use rss feeds on your stories so it makes it difficult for me to keep track and it has some other side-effects like not showing in front page properly

  3. Welcome! Can’t wait to binge read this series, title and description got my attention. For a minute there I thought the title was “The Divine Elements and Me” That wouldve been funny.

  4. oh shit the divine elements is coming to wuxiaworld? i already have a tab open all the time just so i can catch it on gravity tales whenever it updates hell yeah

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