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First off, thank you all so, so much for your many kind words, for many of you who sent gifts over as well, and especially the many of you who registered just to say happy birthday. Thank you all so much. I’m seriously moved by the outpouring of affection, and I’m not ashamed to say I love you guys back. It took me an hour just to reply to all of the birthday notes. Thank you all.

Now, since I’m gone for today, if 7 Killers wasn’t enough to satisfy your reading craving, I wanted to do a PSA and introduce some more Chinese/English translations of similar novels if you aren’t already aware of them. I know many of you are, but some of you might not be, so I thought I’d introduce you guys to them and help provide some free advertising to them xD

Bagelson over at Blue Silver Translations is currently translating the novel, Douluo Dalu at his website, Douluo Dalu is a Xianxia/Wuxia/reincarnation type of novel, and it is written by Tang Jia San Shao, an extemely popular webnovelist in China who actually is a bit more popular than I Eat Tomatoes. Definitely worth a read! He is up to Chapter 70 and has been doing around a chapter a day for the past two or so months now.

Speaking of Xianxia/reincarnation novels, a new one has been started at World of Watermelons by IEatWatermelons at for translating the novel, ‘The Desolate Era‘. This blog is a new one, but I checked it out and the translation quality seems very good. I honestly haven’t had a chance to fully read the raws yet, but this is the Xianxia book which I Eat Tomatoes is CURRENTLY working on, and a lot of people have told me that it is his best work. Check it out! Only a few chapters are up so far, but IEatWatermelons seems committed to working on this one at a fast pace, and the translation is good.

Taking a step away from Xianxia, let’s turn to the increasingly popular Zhan Long novel, being translated by a team of translators at Gravity Translations at This isn’t a Xianxia novel exactly; it is more like a ‘virtual reality MMORPG’ type of novel, but it’s quite popular, and it is being updated very fast by the team, 2-3 chapters a day. Think kinda like Sword Art Online, and you’ll get the idea. Check it out; you might find that you really like it!

There is a huge multitude of various translations of Wuxia and also (especially recently) of Xianxia novels at SPCNET’s Wuxia Translation forums, where much of this got started, including myself and Stellar Transformations by he-man, who inspired many of these current translators by showing them and showing me there is a readerbase for this stuff. To visit the granddaddy of them all, with a huge number of ‘true’ Wuxia novels, check out

Okay, hope this was useful to some of you and helps some of you find things to read if/when I’m not around like today. Again, much love, and happy reading!

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  1. Thanks for all you do and happy birthday from me too! and thank you for your suggestions some I’ve read, some I’m about to start. Have a great rest of your day!

  2. Gah email got my hopes up for a CD chapter.
    Are you not supposed to take the day off lol responding to everyone giving new reads are you sure your not just as addicted to translating and posting here as we are of reading here?

  3. I hate it… I have read all of the stories that you reccomended… And I could bring some more 😉
    For people who likes awesome written stories and don’t dislike VRMMORPG I have a few stories:
    Legendary Moonlight Sculptor:
    Only Sense ONLINE
    And last one that you must pay to read it (totally worth it) – series Play to live by D. Rus

    Other very good stories that have more in common with reincarnation stories
    Knight and magic
    The New Gate
    Alice Tale
    Try them and you won’t regret it 😉

  4. Hehehe we love you too! At least for me you are my favorite translator (not that others are bad by any means but you’re special :)) seriously I needed those suggestions, I just ran out of things to read T.T so thank you! My inner nerd is satisfied for now… well at least until the new chapters tommorrow 😀 btw I’ve noticed you’ve avoided the topic of age… it makes me very curious… maybe you are secretly an immortal being who’s lived for thousands of years… o.O

  5. First and foremost happy birthday wish you all the best in life…
    second thank you for the suggestions, i am also waiting for the updates of the said novels. i am fond of reading novels like this so i already read those novels from the first day it was released….

    try this one guys:
    Tate nu yuusha

    more light novels are here

    God bless

  6. I’ll link a few more suggestions!

    There are tons of good fanfictions stories on “”

    These are my favourites from Royalroad : “Reincarnation: First Monster”, “The unfortunate fool, and its sequel – The toys of the fool”, “Immortal Soul”, “Spectral Regalia”, Forgotten Conquer”

    There is also a really good reincarnation story, but the translator is doing 1 chapter a month-ish because of school. Here is the link :

  7. Oh, I have more to add again!

    “Kill no more”, “Swallowed star”, “Mother of learning”, “A step into the past”, “Remonster”, “Arifureta” and “Play to live”

    1. Mother of learning that is a good one.
      Already finished step into the past.
      I couldn’t get into kill no more I don’t know why but for some reason I just couldn’t.
      But my fav is CD

  8. Haha it’s your birthday but you’re giving us presents? XD

    Thanks for all the new suggestions!! Wish it would snow for another week so i could focus on reading XD

    Maybe someday I’ll actually succeed in writing something I can be proud of enough to post it somewhere ‘-‘

  9. Thanks Ren! Wasn’t aware of worldofwatermelons!
    It’s really interesting ^^ been searching for more, but a lot of translations are just not all that hot.
    They are either too far from the raws, only loosely translated, or they are literally translated with the worst english you have ever seen! *sigh*

    Love Spcnet, as most translations coming from there are pretty good, at least 😀

    Good post 🙂

  10. Thank You very much Ren and also enjoy your birthday… more to come, keep safe, stay healthy and thanks for the recommendations, Zhan Long is definitely a worth read. I’ve been planning to read Douluo Dalu, but time is as fast as Bebe. But I guess today is the time…

  11. It’s late but… Happy Birthday Ren
    I wish you the best, be it work or health.

    Secondly, thanks a lot for all those recommendations.
    Killer 7 is quite mind blowing even though only 8 chapter long

    Have a nice day !

    1. DanLovesCD, get well soon! I’m so sorry to hear that you aren’t well. There’ll be a place here for whenever you feel better enough to come back and chat with us, okay? Take care, Dan!

  12. I found this site just recently and was bingereading until now so I’m a bit late with my well wishes. So happy birthday an thank you for making the lives of so many people richer every day.

  13. Hmm Happy B-day too Ren ^^ thanks for all of the translations you’ve done so far.

    Also for those that are interested. Battle Through the Heavens/Doupo Canqiong/斗破苍穹 is another interesting read. It’s by one of the top 3 writers named Potatoes. Give it a try ^_^

  14. Can i get a synopsis for ‘Desolate Era’? I’ve asked at the site itself and had no responses at all. Running a search just keeps netting me the sites that have a translation but no info on what the series is about.

    I’m currently reading coiling dragon, combat continent, zectas, LMS, and about 7 others. I don’t mind trying a new one, but I’m wary of them as well.

    Edit: I don’t do tragedy, though. Not a fan of ‘falling into the dark’ type characters unless it starts that way. Like Shield Hero (which isn’t really tragedy, just betrayal) or Arifureta (also betrayal, but the original personality pretty much dies, making him pretty brutal 🙂 ).

  15. Is it taking anyone else Fourty minutes just to load one chapter on zhen long?

    I can’t even load the first ten, so If someone could tell me what happens that would be great

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