TGS Volume 5, Chapter 19

Translator: Tannhäuser
Editor: weirdo

Here’s the third chapter of the week: Volume 5, Chapter 19

Jiang Zhe’s machinations be scary. Spies, spies everywhere!

8:36PM EDT: Fixed.

Next chapter will be released on Monday.

There are tentative plans to return to a chapter a week likely starting some time next week. Also, I have been called for jury duty starting April 18th. Depending on how jury selection goes and if I have work obligations, release speed may be reduced.

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  1. The link takes me to “Epic of the Little Soldier Volume 1, Chapter 2” the second chapter of the april fool joke. Incidently, if i go to previous chapters i end going throught the other joke chapters until i finally arrive to chapter 16, if i go to the next chapters i end in the no page foubd. In other words i can’t go back to the real late chapters like chapters 17, 18 nor the chapter 19 of today.

  2. Can we please remove the epic of little soldier chapters from the tgs chapter links? It keeps on messing up the chapters, this is the second time I hope there won’t be a third. Cannot navigate to the new chapter now. 🙁

  3. Seriously, can we just delete the “joke” chapter? It’s not April 1st and it’s not funny anymore. I need my Jiangzhe flaunting his mental powess. =(

    ps. It says fixed but it’s directing me to the wrong chap.

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