TGS Volume 5, Chapter 18

Translator: Tannhäuser
Editor: weirdo

Here’s the second chapter of the week: Volume 5, Chapter 18

What is Jiang Zhe planning?
9:15PM EDT Edit: Fixed!  Sorry about the mistake!

Next chapter will be released on Friday.

There are tentative plans to return to a chapter a week likely starting some time next week. Also, I have been called for jury duty starting April 18th. Depending on how jury selection goes and if I have work obligations, release speed may be reduced.

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    1. @Tannhauser

      Thank you for the fix good sir!

      It’s nothing special, but I want you to know that I created this account here @ww in order to harrass you about the issue. xD; I kid, I kid.

      This series has been a breath of fresh air to me, and reading the work you translate has become a passion of mine. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this novel available to me.

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