TGR: Spiritual Arts

Spiritual Arts are split into Gong Fa Spiritual Art, Attack Spiritual Art, Defence Spiritual Art, Movement Spiritual Art and Body Cultivation Spiritual Art.

Spiritual Arts are also divided into tiers. Deity Tier, Spiritual Tier, Common Tier. Each Tier is further divided into High, Middle, Low Rank.

Last Updated: Jan 3, 2016 (Chapter 148)


Common Tier

  • [Attack, Low Rank] Collapsing Fist
  • [Attack, Middle Rank] Bone-Shattering Finger
  • [Attack, High Rank] Limitless Death Seal {Hazard Potential}
  • [Gong Fa, Middle Rank] Cloud Flare
  • [Gong Fa, High Rank] Book of Broken Mountains
  • [Gong Fa, High Rank] Hundred Sword Spiritual Art
  • [Gong Fa, High Rank] Mountain Art

Spiritual Tier

  • [Attack, Low Rank] Demon Destructive Sword Technique
  • [Attack, Low Rank] Earth Spiritwave
  • [Attack, Low Rank] Great Luo’s Sword Technique
  • [Attack, Low Rank] Spirit King Finger
  • [Attack, High Rank] Mountain God Tactics
  • [Gong Fa, Low Rank] Animate Appraisal
  • [Gong Fa, Low Rank] Dragonblaze Art
  • [Gong Fa, Low Rank] Earth Spirits
  • [Gong Fa, Low Rank] Solarflame
  • [Gong Fa, Low Rank] Trembling Heaven Tactic
  • [Gong Fa, Assumed to be Spiritual Tier High Rank] The Great Pagoda Art
  • [Movement, Low Rank] Blaze Step
  • [Movement, Middle Rank] Shadowspirit Step

Deity Tier

  • None for now.


  • [Attack, Unknown] Bloodshed Carnage Sword
  • [Attack, Unknown] Constricting Lightning Blade
  • [Attack, Unknown] Daluo Palm
  • [Attack, Unknown] Dragon Rocksmash
  • [Attack, Unknown] Ghastly Netherworld Hands
  • [Attack, Unknown] Golden Crystal Godfist
  • [Attack, Unknown] Grand Wraith Palm Print
  • [Attack, Unknown] Hawk Inferno
  • [Attack, Unknown] Heavenly Stonesmash Palm
  • [Attack, Unknown] Flame Palm
  • [Attack, Unknown] Meteorite Wave
  • [Attack, Unknown] Mountain Fist
  • [Attack, Unknown] Myriad Waves Mountain Pulverizing Palm
  • [Attack, Unknown] Nine Sword Dance
  • [Attack, Unknown] Pyroblast Spirit Fist
  • [Attack, Unknown] Solarflame Fist/Palm
  • [Attack, Unknown] Solar Inferno Palm
  • [Attack, Unknown] Spirit Destruction Bloodstrike
  • [Attack, Unknown] Stone Emperor Art
  • [Attack, Unknown] Stone Python Perforate
  • [Attack, Unknown] Thunderstorm Fist
  • [Attack, Unknown] Tempest Massacre Fist
  • [Attack, Unknown] Vajra Pagoda
  • [Defence, Unknown] Iron Wall
  • [Movement, Unknown] Fish Roaming Spiritual Art

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  1. been wondering but who the hell made the spiritual arts? especially the deity ones? also the arrays? if people made them, i wonder if mu chen will ever create his own.

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