TGR: Spiritual Arrays

Spiritual Arrays are the backbone of a Spiritual Array Master. Not many have the talent to do so. It requires Spiritual Seals to arrange the Spiritual Arrays along with a Diagram Array.Spiritual Arrays resonate the Spiritual Aura within the world effecting various offensive and defensive measures.

Arrays are ranked up from 1-5 with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest as of now.

Although the arrays are ranked from 1-5, there is a simpler array below Rank 1, known as a tiny Spiritual Array.

Last Updated: Oct 26th, 2015

Tiny Spiritual Array

  • Spiritual Shackles Array: Binds the enemy within the array.
  • Soul Confusion Array: An Array that causes a slight confusion, but is not effective against humans.

Rank 1 Spiritual Array

  • Consciousness Mesmerizing Array: Array used by Ji Zong. Ability to conceal the things within it from the outside world.
  • Devouring Tigerblaze Array: One of strongest arrays possessed by Wen Ling. Was used in the Entry Competition by Mu Chen.
  • Frozen Serpent Spiritual Array: Used by Lei Yin in the battle against Mang Yin Mountain. Forms Ice Pythons.
  • Nine Heavenly Lightning Array: The strongest array possessed by Wen Ling. It requires a total of 20 Spiritual Seals and the complexity of it could be compared with a few Rank 2 Arrays. It was used by Mu Chen during the battle against Mang Yin Mountain.
  • Spiritual Rain Array: Array used by Ji Zong. Able to make it rain and manipulate it.
  • Spiritual Lightning Array: Unknown Effects, but mentioned in Chapter 47.
  • Spiritual Flame Array: An Array handed out by Wen Ling to Mu Chen for studying practices.
  • Wind Spirits Array: Array used by Sun’Er. Considered to be a top existence among the Rank 1 Spiritual Arrays.

Rank 2 Spiritual Array

  • Dragon Elephant Array: An array purchased by Mu Chen during the Entrance Examination of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. It requires a total of 40 Spiritual Seals.
  • Golden Revolution Soulreaver Array: An array given to Mu Chen from Mu Feng during Mu Chen’s departure to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.
  • Wind Dragon Skysmash Array: Array used by Sun’Er during the battle against Zhou Li and Yang Gong.
  • Murdering Bloodshower Array: The strongest array that Ji Zong can arranged.

Multiple Ranks/Unknown Ranks

  • Spirit Convergence Array: An Array that is beneficial for Cultivation. It is divided into ranks. A Sixth Rank Spirit Convergence Array is already legendary. [Multiple Ranks]
  • Transfer Spiritual Array: Able to use to teleport from one place to another. [Unknown Rank]
  • Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array: Array obtained by Mu Chen. A spoils of war from the battle against Mang Yin Mountain. Requires Heart Array State to detect the Diagram Array [Rank 3 [One Portion of Array]/Unknown Rank]

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