TGR: Myriad Beast Record

This is the list for the Myriad Beast Record, which is mentioned in the story. It ranks the Spiritual Beasts throughout the world.

Moreover, it is divided into Earth Rank and Heaven Rank. The Heaven Rank consist of Divine Beasts instead of Spiritual Beast. A Divine Beast overwhelms Spiritual Beasts if they are at the same cultivation level.

This list will be updated when a new Spiritual Beast is known in the translation.

Last Updated: Apr 17th, 2016 [Chapter 177]

Earth Ranking

The Beasts are divided into High, Middle, Low. However, the Top 100 or 80? Beasts are known as Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast.

  • [Rank 11, Heaven Rank] Nine Netherbird
  • [Rank 34, Heaven Rank] Ancient Golden Bird
  • [Rank 50, Heaven Rank] Ancient Tigerdragon
  • [Rank 70, Heaven Rank] Geocentric Flame Jalapura
  • [Rank 73, Heaven Rank] Mysterious Spirithail Dragon
  • [Rank 85, Heaven Rank] Dragonfire Bird [Mu Feng]
  • [Rank 86, Heaven Rank] Mountain Devouring Python
  • [Rank 87, Heaven Rank] Jaded Unicorn [Ye Qingling]
  • [Rank 91, Heaven Rank] Goldfire Beast [Mo Lun]
  • [Rank 98, Heaven Rank/High Rank? 1 ] Double-Headed Hellhound [Liu Jingshan]
  • [Rank 99, Heaven Rank] Jaded-Eyed Golden Crystal Beast [Chu Qi]
  • [Rank 133, High Rank] Lightning Scale Beast [Liu Qingtian]
  • [Rank 168, High Rank] Golden Armadillo [Lei Shan]
  • [Rank 177, High Rank] Silvermoon Canine [Yang Gui]
  • [Rank 180, High Rank] Mountain Spirit Rhinoceros [Zhou Ye]
  • [Rank 204, High Rank] Jaded Venomous Scorpion [Liu Zong]
  • [Rank 382, High Rank] Golden Thunderwolf [Teacher Mo]
  • [Rank 390, High Rank] Rockturtle Lion [Teacher Xi]
  • [Unknown, Heaven Rank] Single-Eyed Diamond Ape
  • [Unknown, Heaven Rank] Spectre Leopard
  • [Unknown, High Rank] Aquablaze Crane
  • [Unknown, High Rank] Blacksteel Beast
  • [Unknown, High Rank] Magical Thorn Beast
  • [Unknown, High Rank] Purple Winged Lion
  • [Unknown, High Rank] Silver-Horned Panther Dragon
  • [Unknown, Middle Rank] Black Eerie Serpent
  • [Unknown, Middle Rank] Black Poison Crocodile
  • [Unknown, Middle Rank] Conflagration Ape King
  • [Unknown, Middle Rank] Flame Panther
  • [Unknown, Middle Rank] Golden Crocodile
  • [Unknown, Middle Rank] One-Horned Panther Dragon
  • [Unknown, Middle Rank] Steel Rhino
  • [Unknown, Low Rank] Bloodswine Tiger
  • [Unknown, Low Rank] Conflagration Ape
  • [Unknown, Low Rank] Devouring Spirit Bee
  • [Unknown, Low Rank] Mountain Bear

Heaven Ranking

  • [Unknown] Nine Netherworld Bird
  • [Unknown] Northern Sea Dragon
  • [Unknown] Undying Bird
  1. In Chapter 102, it mentions that it was not considered as a Heaven Rank Spiritual Beast yet. However, in an earlier chapter, it mentioned the Top 100 were Heaven Rank

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    1. When a Spiritual Beast evolves, it becomes a Divine Beast. Thus, entering the Heaven Ranking. As for the Nine Nether Bird’s evolution, there are various evolution paths for it, but its unlikely for you to know them until a longggg time.

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