TGR Chapter 282

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Chapter 282 – One Move

“We have a deal?” the bald old man with tattered black robe directed his muddy eyes towards Mu Chen.


Mu Chen heavily nodded his head and, shortly after, he smiled, “Even if it’s dangerous, I doubt that Senior would kill me in a move, right?”

“You won’t die, at most, you would just lie on your bed for few months.” the bald old man hoarsely smiled as he extended his skinny hands out and rubbed his bald head.

Mu Chen’s smile stiffed. Shortly after, he helplessly inhaled a mouthful of air. No matter what, since he had accepted the terms, then even if he crossed mountains of daggers or seas of flames, he had to give it a try.

“Can you do it?” the Nine Netherbird secretly asked with concern in it’s eyes.

“I’ll give it a try.” Mu Chen also didn’t have a huge amount of confidence. This bald old man that was before him was definitely the most fearsome person he had ever seen. It’s to the point that he was even stronger than the White Dragon Sovereign.

“Later on, I will secretly help you.” the Nine Netherbird said in Mu Chen’s heart. After all, Mu Chen was helping the Nine Netherbird refine the Divine Lightning Bead and, henceforth, encountered this trouble.

When Mu Chen heard what the Nine Netherbird said, he did not reply. The bald old man hoarsely smiled as he swept his skinny hands and a streak of light flew out, shrouding the Nine Netherbird. No matter how much it tried to struggle, the Nine Netherbird couldn’t break free.

“Small Nine Netherbird, watch from the side.” the bald old man smiled while narrowing his eyes.

The Nine Netherbird struggled for a period of time, but seeing that it wasn’t very effective, the Nine Netherbird could only stare at the bald old man viciously and said, “If anything happens to him, I definitely won’t let you off. Even if I can’t best you right now, that doesn’t mean that I can’t in the future.”

The bald old man smiled, “Nine Netherbird, you still have a long way to go. Even when you manage to successfully evolve and enter into the Divine Beast Record, you’re still nothing.”

“Are you prepared?”

When the old man finished speaking, he stared at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen deeply inhaled a mouthful of air as his figure moved and retreated. Thereafter, he stood on the horizon and said with a solemn voice, “Senior, please grant me your teachings!”

A majestic Spiritual Energy rippled out of his body as the pitch-black flames looked similar to black smoke, soared up into the horizon and could be seen clearly within a hundred miles.

“His Spiritual Energy has merged with the Nine Nether Flames?” the bald old man stared at the surrounding blazing Spiritual Energy as a trace of astonishment flashed though his eyes.

He waved his sleeve and his skinny hands extended out and lightly clenched.


An indescribable pressure swept out from his body. Under this demeanor, the entire space looked as though it had trembled as a deep cry resounded.


A huge flowing lightning river was suddenly soaring over this plain and was absorbed by the bald old man. Thereafter, it looked similar to a silver dragon as it spiraled above his head.

Mu Chen’s face slightly changed at the sight of this. His heart trembled, the fearsome lightning energy in the lightning river was sufficient to crush mountains. However, it was easily lifted by this bald old man. This strength was, indeed, indescribable.


The bald old man’s huge hand waved, the lightning river instantly soared into the horizon and, as it issued a rumbling sound, it rippled in this space. The lightning surged like an electric dragon, and with an unparalleled demeanor, it headed towards Mu Chen with an irresistible manner.

Mu Chen raised his head and traces of astonishment was shown within his eyes as he looked at the lightning river that was charging at him. He could clearly sense that the space around him was sealed at this moment.

There was no possibility that he could avoid this fearsome offense.

This bald old man was clearly not intending to go easy on Mu Chen.

Mu Chen clenched his teeth as both of his palms came together. The veins on his arm twitched and, shortly after, a vicious look appeared within his eyes. Since he couldn’t escape, then he could only go all out!


The violent Spiritual Energy instantly poured out of Mu Chen’s body without any restraints. He suddenly sat down in the air and both of his hands were forming signs at lightning speed.


There was the sound of an ancient bell ringing on this horizon. As the black lights came together, a huge Nine-layered Pagoda appeared and shrouded Mu Chen within.

Among all of Mu Chen’s methods, the defense of the Nine-layered Pagoda was clearly the most fearsome. If he wanted to withstand the horrifying attack of the bald old man, the only thing he could do was to rely on the Nine-layered Pagoda.

“This is…”

The bald old man raised his head and stared at the huge Nine-layered Pagoda up in the sky. His brows slightly knitted together as his muddy eyes flashed as thoughts crossed his mind.


The lightning river did not have the slightest pause when the Nine-layered Pagoda appeared. As the lightning river surged, in the next instant, it heavily clashed against the Nine-layered Pagoda with undeniable pressure.


Faced with such a fearsome impact, the Nine-layered Pagoda instantly trembled violently. As the lightning river streaked past, fine tiny cracks appeared on the surface of the Nine-layered Pagoda.

The attack of the bald old man was, indeed, way too frightening.

As the Nine-layered Pagoda shrouded Mu Chen, his face instantly flashed with a of pale colour. He never thought that his strongest defense was actually so frail under an attack of the bald old man.

He raised his head as the cracks on the surface of the Nine-layered Pagoda slowly spread out. As the lightning river continued to emit a silvery light that was dripping down, it caused a deep thunderous roar that resound within the Nine-layered Pagoda.

The Nine-layered Pagoda was about to collapse.

The instant the Nine-layered Pagoda collapsed, Mu Chen would be completely revealed. With his physique, it was clearly impossible for him to resist such a frightening impact.

Would it be game over for him just like this?

Mu Chen bit his lips, a sweetness was spreading out from the corner of his mouth. Within his black pupils, a deep unresigned intent flashed across his black pupils. If he couldn’t withstand this attack, doesn’t that mean that he could not be compared to Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong?

If he couldn’t even be compared to them, then on what basis does he have to tell Luo Li that he could become an unrivalled expert to guard her?!


The Nine-layered Pagoda was crumbling, layer after layer. The black-coloured Nine-layered Pagoda was constantly showing cracks as the lightning past through the Pagoda, and was shocking the body of the youth within the Pagoda. At this moment, the latter appeared frail.

Another layer crumbled as the youth abruptly raised his head. Within his black pupils, a look full of unswerving determination that couldn’t be shaken could be seen.


He clenched both of his palms as eyes became bloodshot. A sound that was filled with a deep fighting roar resounded from his throat.

His deep roar resounded within this tattered Nine-layered Pagoda. His unswerving determination made an impact with this Pagoda.

Onom! Onom!

As his roar resounded, the Pagoda suddenly trembled, as though it was resonating. Mu Chen’s firm and determined roar seemed to have roused something.

An ancient and old light pattern started to appear on the walls of the Pagoda. Those patterns were like ancient lotus’ as they filled the area with a vast light.

The Great Pagoda Art within Mu Chen’s body seemed to have been circulating uncontrollably. In the depths of his body, the mysterious black light also burst forth with a dazzling luster.

The thing that seemed to have been sealed within the depths of his body had also been activated at this instant.


An ancient sound resounded within the Nine-layered Pagoda and Mu Chen’s figure was shrouded by the black light. The originally collapsing Nine-layered Pagoda instantly burst forth with an ancient light.

As the light appeared, the collapsed part of the Nine-layered Pagoda started to restore itself, bit by bit.

The bald old man narrowed his eyes, looking at the majestic lightning river that was flowing against the unmovable Nine-layered Pagoda. Within the black-coloured Pagoda, there seemed to be something similar to an ancient black-coloured lotus. There were nine petals on the lotus flower and it was as though there was a heaven seizing power in every petal, emitting an endless profound intent.

It was as though an ancient and desolate sound was echoing between the heavens and earth.

“This…” the bald old man’s face trembled a little as he muttered, “This is actually the Primordial Divine Pagoda? But if he’s someone with the Primordial Divine Pagoda, how could he be here?”

A light flashed in the eyes of the bald old man, as though he had seen through the Pagoda that Mu Chen sitting in. Fresh blood was covering his entire body and wiggled to form into a blood lotus light pattern on the surface of his body. That blood lotus also had nine petals.

“Interesting. Just who exactly is he? To have parents who possess such a Primordial Bloodline…”

The bald old man’s eyes flashed as the lightning river flowed away from the horizon and floated above the earth once again. And as the lighting river retreated, the huge Nine-layered Pagoda that was up in the sky turned into a black light and was dissipating, bit by bit.

As the Nine-layered Pagoda dissipated, a figure that was covered in blood instantly fell down from the sky.

When the bald old man saw it, his finger flicked and a silver light shot into Mu Chen’s body. Thereafter, he swept his sleeves and a gale tossed Mu Chen into the lightning river.


When the Nine Netherbird saw the scene, it’s face drastically changed. The lightning river contained frightening lightning energy. Even when Mu Chen wasn’t conscious, he wouldn’t dare to lightly enter the lightning river, not to mention that he’s unconscious right now.

“Rest assured. I don’t want him dead. I’ve previously mentioned a reward; so, naturally, I will keep my end of the deal.” the bald old man lightly smiled. Shortly after, he looked towards the Nine Netherbird and two of his skinny fingers clenched. A feather that looked like it was made from metal appeared. As his fingers flickered, the feather shot into the body of the Nine Netherbird and the latter could not examine what it was.

“What are you doing?!” the Nine Netherbird was extremely angry. The bald old man was too hateful.

“I’m a bit friendly with an old monster from your Nine Netherbird Clan. Therefore, I’ve sent you a gift. Okay, you can continue to refine the Divine Lightning Beads, but don’t disrupt that kid.”

The bald old man did not make any explanations and showed a faint smile. Thereafter, he lazily stood up and slowly looked towards the far earth.

His pace appeared slow, but after a few steps, he had already appeared on the horizon and, thereafter, thoroughly disappeared.

The Nine Netherbird looked at the direction which he disappeared, but could only clench it’s teeth inwardly. It worriedly looked at Mu Chen, who was wrapped inside of the lightning river. Thereafter, the Nine Netherbird spurt out its black flames, filled the sky and started refining the Divine Lightning Beads.

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