TGR Chapter 241

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Chapter 241 – Fire Celestial Lotus

The moment the cold laugh and bloodthirst started from the grey-robed elder, several white-robed men darted out from behind him. With a quick flick of their hands, several black spears swung and created multiple spear images that were hurled towards Mu Chen.

The cyan longsword flashed and a pitch-black Spiritual Energy burst outwards from Mu Chen’s body. The sword flickered with black flames and blocked all of the spear images that rained down on him.

Claang! Claaang!

The sword collided with the spears and burned them away with its black flames. These white-robed individuals weren’t as strong as the four from before — they should be somewhere in the Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase. However, their actions were extremely well coordinated. Even a Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase might get killed in a fight against them.

Mu Chen looked up at the grey-robed elder, who was staring back at him with the eyes of a venomous snake. This Heavenly Transform Stage Initial Phase old bat was the one Mu Chen truly feared. Such power was quite overbearing with his current cultivation. This old man would be a great threat, if he decided to move against him.

Mu Chen had no backup, at present, and it was unlikely that he’d be able to carve an escape route out, like last time. His situation was especially un-reassuring.

Several others nearby had noticed the confrontation between Mu Chen and the members of White Dragon City. However, they only afforded a cursory glance, before they took the initiative to leave the area. It was clear that they didn’t want to get themselves involved.

“I must find an opportunity to escape.” Mu Chen frowned. They should be within the vicinity of the Sovereign Spirit Treasury, so, if he started a fight with Bai Dong right now, there would be too many unstable factors. He couldn’t tell if there were going to be more reinforcements from White Dragon City. On top of that, he had to stay wary of the others, who were eyeing him like tigers watching their prey.

“Trying to escape?”

Mu Chen flicked his eyes towards the grey-robed elder, who darkly smiled back at him. Then, something flashed in the elder’s eyes. He clenched his dried-up fists as a powerful Spiritual Energy surged into an arc of light and formed into a long spear. The Spiritual Energy of the arc throbbed and gave it an astonishing might.

“The old fellow is about to act!”

Mu Chen’s face couldn’t help to changed as he retreated.
The grey-robed elder stepped forward with a cold smile on his face. Then, his image turned fuzzy for a moment, as if it was formed from wisps of smoke. Within a few steps, he’d closed the empty space between himself and Mu Chen.

Mu Chen cheerlessly pushed his Shadowspirit Step as far as it could go; however, the old man still managed to catch up. Whatever Spiritual Art this old man practiced, it clearly surpassed the Shadowspirit Step.

“Black Dragon Spear!”

The dark spear in the elder’s hand vibrated and exploded with a brilliant light as it lunged forward. The majestic Spiritual Energy moved like a black dragon and swiped at Mu Chen. A sharp bloodthirst whipped past him.

Mu Chen didn’t dare to pause as the shocking gale blew past him. Instead, he raised his hand and the Nine-layered Pagoda materialised and swelled in size, becoming a pagoda-shield between them.


The long spear smashed into the Nine-layered Pagoda, causing it to tremble with a metallic clash. The force of the impact flowed towards Mu Chen and made his blood and qi surge.


The grey-robed elder made a sound of surprise. Not even a Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase should be able to withstand that attack; however, this youth had managed it with the help of this strange black pagoda.

“Seal this entire area. I want to see how long he can last.” That grey-robed elder coldly ordered. His eyes focused as he took another step forward. His majestic Spiritual Energy circulated as he released his Heavenly Transform Stage power in an explosive burst of strength. The black spear in his hands stabbed out with an air-ripping speed, causing waves on the surface of the magma lake.

Mu Chen mobilised his Shadowspirit Step to dodge the grey elder’s increasingly ferocious attacks. Once again, he sent the Nine-layered Pagoda out to withstood the attacks.

But if this goes on, he’d be thoroughly suppressed.

“Elder Qiu, remember not to kill him. I don’t want him dying so easily!” Bai Dong stood outside their range, savagely glaring at the disadvantaged Mu Chen.

“Rest assured, Young City Lord. I won’t let him escape.” the grey-robed elder darkly smiled as a chill revealed itself in his eyes. His attacks intensified even further.

Mu Chen made a jolty retreat, with a gloomy expression on his face. The old man’s overbearing posture had provoked his anger.

Mu Chen felt pressured by the old man’s Heavenly Transform Stage Initial Phase strength, but he also knew that he would have to suffer the consequences of going all out.

“Hey, old fart, if you want to play, then I’ll play with you!”

There was a murkiness in Mu Chen’s eyes as he started forming seals with both hands. The seals quickly came into being with a surge of frighteningly powerful Spiritual Energy ripples.

“Hmm?” The grey-robed elder sensed the Spiritual Energy ripples and focused on them. So, this brat really does have some tricks up his sleeve. No wonder he managed to kill the four Demonic Dragon Guards.

The moment before Mu Chen executed his Four Gods Constellation Scripture, he stole a glance at the boiling magma. A trace of shock suddenly flashed through his previously cold eyes.

Even though Mu Chen’s attention had been split, the speed at which he formed his seals didn’t slow for even a moment.

“Brat, you’re reckless to split your attention while fighting me!”

The grey-robed elder had noticed the diversion of Mu Chen’s attention and he turned into a strand of fuzzy smoke that reappeared above Mu Chen with lightning speed. Waves of Spiritual Energy moved through the black spear as it cut downwards.

At the same time, the Nine-layered Pagoda appeared above Mu Chen and rapidly expanded.


The elder’s fierce attack drove into the pagoda, which turned dull and quickly shrank, before it crashed into Mu Chen.

Mu Chen suffered from heavy blow and tumbled backwards into the magma with a “pfff!”

The waves of magma lapped upwards as Mu Chen disappeared beneath them.

The grey-robed elder stood in the sky, watching the magma lake in surprise. Could that brat really have died just like that?

Bai Dong quickly flew over to him with a wary expression. He clenched his fist and said, “That brat won’t die so easily. Fish him out! I’ll grind his bones to dust!”

The grey-robed elder shook his head and replied, “Young City Lord, this lake is filled with flame miasma. Even if one can withstood the magma itself with their Spiritual Energy, they will still be corroded away by the flame miasma. That brat fell in; his death is certain.

Bai Dong’s face twisted with refusal. He hated Mu Chen down to his bones and still had plans for ruthlessly torturing him. He didn’t expect Mu Chen to simply die like that.

“We’ll stand guard here. If he does survive, he’s certain not to stay in there for long. The moment he reappears, we’ll capture him.” The grey-robed elder replied as he swept an eye over the magma lake.

Bai Dong nodded and gritted his teeth. “Little trash, you better not die so quickly!”

They took separate positions in the air as they probed the surface of the lake with their senses. However, they were ultimately left bewildered and empty-handed after guarding the area for a full ten minutes, without a sign of Mu Chen.

“That brat definitely died in there,” the grey-robed elder solemnly declared. There was no way he could’ve survived after so long. Not to mention that the brat was still a Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase.

Bai Dong whipped his sleeves around.

“Young City Lord, let us reconvene with the City Lord. Obtaining the treasures left behind by the White Dragon Sovereign is still of utmost importance,” the elder said.

Bai Dong could only nod his head as he glanced at the magma lake’s one last time, before reluctantly leaving.

Bai Dong left, clearly not knowing that Mu Chen — who he thought to be dead — was still hiding out in the depths of the magma lake. His body was shrouded in black flames. With the Nine Netherflame guarding him, the magma was no threat at all; the so-called flame miasma couldn’t get through its guard.

Mu Chen swam around in the scarlet magma, constantly keeping an eye out for dangers. The Nine Netherbird had reported that it’d discovered peculiar ripples coming from deeper down.

It was highly possible that those ripples were coming from the Fire Celestial Lotus!

That’s why Mu Chen had seized the opportunity to escape the grey-robed elder by diving into the magma lake. This way, he could spend his time searching for the Fire Celestial Lotus, instead.

“That old fart. The next time we meet, I’ll give you a taste of my moves.” Mu Chen coldly snorted to himself. If there hadn’t been other things holding him back, how could he have let himself be suppressed like that? If Mu Chen had gone all out, then that old fart would either be dead, or have had a layer of his hide scraped off. However, the exchange would’ve been exhausting on Mu Chen’s part.

Mu Chen didn’t slow his search as these thoughts circulated through his heart. The deeper he dived into the magma lake, the stronger the heat became. The temperature at this depth was even starting to penetrate the defenses of the Nine Netherflame.

If this went on, then Mu Chen wouldn’t be able to continue, with or without the Nine Netherflame’s protection.

“Two hundred meters down, on your right.” The Nine Netherbird’s voice suddenly sounded.

Mu Chen acknowledged the voice with a change of expression and immediately headed towards the direction the Nine Netherbird had indicated.In a few moments later, he looked up ahead with an expression of excitement on his face.

The scarlet magma was boiling harder over here. In the center of it all floated a rainbow-coloured lotus. Not even the magma could approach the brilliant rainbow colors that glowed from it.

A strange fragrance spread through the area and seemed to disperse the heat that had built up in Mu Chen’s body.

Mu Chen studied the rainbow lotus that was deep in the magma with an expression of exhilaration. This was the Fire Celestial Lotus that he’d been searching for!

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  1. he was searching for it? really? there was no mentioning of it so far. Just because he has seen something does not mean he has been searching for it. He just wants it. And why does he wants it?

    1. It was mentioned somewhere in the past few chapters. The first time he saw the clump of Fire Lotuses, it was mentioned that he knew there was a Celestial Fire Lotus (probably at least) there. And just before he met with Bai Douchebag, it was also mentioned that he WAS searching for the Celestial Fire Lotus.

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