TGR Chapter 172-173

Double release as promised before. I’ll try to ask my editors to finish editing Chapter 174 as well, so I can clear the queue for a new beginning. As for now, please enjoy the chapters:

Chapter 172

Translator: jn

Proofreaders: Lebin, Sumitpes, Brian

Chapter 173

Translator: jn

Proofreaders: Sumitpes, Moe, Kidyeon

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  1. Thank you for the chapter!
    Peace is a lie.
    。There are only flowers.
    。Through flowers I gain passion.
    。Through passion I gain strength.
    。Through strength I gain power.
    。Through power I gain victory.
    。Through victory my chains are broken.
    。The Aureate Sect shall set me free!
    Provisionary Outer Sect Disciple, Jack~

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