TGR Chapter 163

Sorry for the delay of posting this chapter, I had another sleepless week as work had kept me up till 2-3 am. There is another chapter that is completed in translations, but it still requires a bit of time for proofreading.

Chapter 163

Translator: jn

Proofreader: Brian, Malcience

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    1. There is no schedule for chapters; until December, the translator had more time and he was translating 3 chapters ‘for free’ every week plus ‘Sponsored chapters from donations’… After he presented final exams and got a job, therefore no more time to translate. Now jeje, much luck if the translator releases 1 chapter per week.
      So for these months; the releases will be 1 per week on weekends and time to time 2 per week.
      Yo can look up for other novels while this is being updated.

  1. I don’t know if you need one, but I would be more than happy to be a proofreader for you if you need another one. This probably isn’t the best place to post this, but I think that you’ll probably see this jn.

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