TGR Chapter 154 + Status Update

Hey everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a chapter.

Work has been taking a toll on me and with a 4 hour transportation ride every day from work and to work. I didn’t have much time to spare to translate and even sleep! I was busy trying to ensure that I wouldn’t have to work during CNY break. Now that CNY break is here, I’ll attempt to translate at least two chapters a day. There’s a total of five days so that would make at least 10 chapters I’ll translate during the break. Hope that you understand my current situation.

Now that the talk is over, here’s a chapter that was stuck in PR forever since I had forgotten about it.

Chapter 154

Translator: jn

Proofreaders: Malcience, Lebin, Brian

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  1. dw lol, as long as your excuse is not i was too lazy, we will always forgive you, after all you are doing it for free so how can we dare to complain? hope you don’t overwork yourself, and watch for your health

  2. Thank you. Don’t worry about us, we’ll enjoy the crack you release when you can 🙂

    Take care of yourself first, we will always be here when you return ^.^

  3. Hi and welcome back! Take care of yourself as that is whats most important! I don’t want to nitpick but I think you or an editor accidentally left this in. “Although it was already ingested, it could still sense the oppression? not sure what you mean that had come from within Mu Chen’s body.
    ? not sure what you mean

  4. No problem dont stress your self out. I just started reading this series and I love it but not enough to demand you to overwork yourself. Just do what you can and even if it isnt much we will be fine.

  5. take care of urself senpai!
    this is ur hobby so just takeot easy. It is good to be comitted to any project you take up, hobby or work But health comes first!

  6. if it causing so much trouble wouldn’t finding someone to help with translation be a better solution? and when ever your free you translate a chapter or 2.

    i understand being worked to the bone and maybe asking someone to help with this at least would make both sides happy the LN gets translated and reader get to read and you don’t have to worry about leaving readers hanging for dear life waiting for the next chapter.

  7. well I don’t read TGR anymore …..same as DE.
    I loved both novels ….but too much waiting practically destroyed my interest in it, as I lose interest in something very easily.
    maybe after 10-20 years …. I’ll read it again.

  8. Thank you! I really really missed this, my favorite novel on this site, aside from ISSTH. Try to get some rest. Is this long commute a permanent thing? I sure hope not for your sake.

  9. take care of yourself first. I’m used to 3 hour commutes and I can image how painful 4 hour ones are. We will enjoy our occasional releases here and there.

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