TGR Chapter 151-153

Hey everyone, here are the regular releases for TGR. I didn’t manage to translate more than this (154 is still only halfway completed). This was actually finished proofread a day or two ago. So I’ll have to say that I’m sorry that I posted this quite late. I haven’t had more than 3 hours a sleep for 2 weeks as work is quite busy. Therefore, I didn’t manage to get any sponsored chapters done this week. I’ll attempt to do it next week as my workload should be slightly better.

Chapter 151                Chapter 152              Chapter 153

Translater: jn

Proofreader : Brian, Lebin, Malcience,  TheOneLonely

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  1. As much as i crave for chapters of this awesome novel, i think we all agree that you shouldnt strain your health over it. Make sure to get some rest next week. Thx 4 all your efforts. 🙂

  2. Jn, Mu Chen is my favorite MC. This has endeared to TGR as well you. Please take better care of yourself. Get some rest and enjoy some down time. Truly thank you for your hard work and take a chill (relaxed, downtime).

  3. Thank you for the chapters. Like everyone have said you need to tke care of yourself. I think everyone won’t mind having the chapters delayed, as long as our dear translator is not straining himself.

  4. Dude, you need more sleep than that. Find a way to get more rest. Translate less if you need to. We understand if you’re busy. We just don’t want you to get sick or burnout.
    Anyway, thanks for the chapters!

  5. Turning to MGA,
    I loved this novel, but the translater (with all due respect) has gone awol.
    I guess i will just binge on MGA, as i wait for the for the periodic releases of WDQK and BTTH.

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