TGR Chapter 140 – 141

Third regular release and third sponsored chapter for the week. With this release, I’ll be taking a month break to study for my professional exams. I apologize for ending it in a cliffhanger spot, but I have to prioritize my exams over translating. The earliest time when I will resume translating will be on Dec 29th. So until then, there will be NO releases coming from me.

The sponsored chapter is brought to you by: Rene Joost and an anonymous reader. Please give a big thank you to all of them!

Chapter 140

Chapter 141

Translator: jn

Proofreader: Brian, Evilbaam, TheOneLonely and an anonymous friend of mine.


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  1. Firstly, Good luck with your exams, hope they go well.

    Secondly, you bastard for leaving it on such a cliffhanger lol This is gonna bug me all the way till the new year now!! ROFLMAO

  2. Thank you for chapter
    BEST OF LUCK for Exams
    i hope u will make up for two weeks leaving at Cliffhanger
    and Obviously she is Luo Li gonna miss their meeting 🙁

  3. Crap

    Just saw that he’s gonna be gone for few weeks should have read that before I read the chapters 6 days ago then I wouldn’t also have checked out when his next chapter would come every couple of hours every day…. Plain evil :þ

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