TGR Chapter 136

Just to let everyone know about the schedule, I’ll translate as much as I can this week. But once this week is over, I’ll be studying for my professional exams, so it’ll be at least a month’s break.

And without further ado,

Chapter 136
Translator: jn
Proofreaders: Brian, Lebin, Evilbaam

This chapter will be a sponsored release as I’m confident of completing the three regular release during this week.

This chapter is sponsored by: David Cannon, Hong Ly, Rimuru, Kazumazero, Brett Flowers, Rene Joost and an anonymous reader.

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  1. Study hard if you need, you’re doing a GREAT work xD but I don’t wan you lose mood to translate in case any mishap (what i hope wont happen) take a place.

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