TGR Chapter 104

Final regular release chapter for the week. I’ll be working on the sponsored chapters starting today and will attempt to finish the entire fight during the weekends.

Chapter 104
Translator: jn
Proofreaders: TheOneLonely, Malcience, TuckinLee, Brian

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  1. thanks for the chapter! there is a very good xianxia novel called “PEERLESS MARTIAL GOD” and have already 91 chapters, i reccomend everyone to read it.

  2. This so called very good (?) novel ” Peerless Martial God ” you are speaking of and recommending is a fine example of a Totally crappy shit…..
    The MC and All the other people there, are stupid as hell…..all they know is how to be stupidly Arrogant…..
    Yah… i know that most characters in xianxia are pretty stupid and arrogant…. but this novel is on a whole another level……even there sect leader acts like a two year old kid….

    1. Yes, they are, stupid I mean, still… I consider ‘Peerless Martial God’ an enjoyable read. Plus, both, the translator and the editor are managing to ‘pull off’ a great number of chapters, while releasing ‘high quality’ translations, thing that, in my opinion, helps in enjoying the novel…

      I would also like to add that fighting scenes, as well as places, and people (sometimes) are well described and ‘vivid’ to the ‘eyes’ of the readers. The only thing I don’t like that I could think about this novel are the rather simplified interactions between the characters of the novel themselves, and how repetitive the story is. (He gets angry for being called trash by the ‘bad guy’, fights the ‘bad guy’, wins, calls the ‘bad guy’ trash, kills the ‘bad guy’, escapes… -sorry for all the ‘bad guys’…-)

      But, overall, Peerless Martial God is a good novel.

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