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Hi guys, I understand that recently, there’s lack of supply for TGR chapters. I’m currently moving house, which the new house does not have any internet access. Internet would be set up tomorrow on the 14, and because of Chinese New Year in Singapore and I would have to celebrate with family, the chapters of TGR would resume on 18/2/18. Worry not, no TGR chapters will be owed.

PS: There will be at least 6 chapters of TGR weekly (3 regular and 3 patreon) for this month. So if there were any delay to this week’s chapter, it would be paid back by next week!

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      1. They don’t appreciate the ways of us old masters, dealing with 15 chapters a week for the entire site. I remember when rebirth was the quickest updated and it has never changed it’s scheduled. Mind you I love that translation group cause they do quality work. I have to deal with missing letters and wrong words, miss used phrasing with some of these other bigger quantity translationing. It just really takes away from the story when I see a “steak” instead of “stake” or “take” instead of “stake”. Think about that next time you see 15 chapters in one week for one novel.

      2. well he isn’t wrong.
        most friends I know,,, dropped TGR because of how slow its been updated
        I still read because I have closure issues
        I wana see it to the end .

      3. I dropped for the same. It gets tedious to keep track and maintain interest of a slowly translated novel when you are reading a ton of different novels at the same time.
        The same reason why Library of Heaven’s Path is currently is my favorite. It has good content and an excellent translation speed + quality.

  1. honestly although Im a poor boy who cant help the patrion I hope that atleast there will be a 8-10 chapters a week. I believe the translator can do it and I dont know why many people dont like this novel acctually I like the story its just that chapter releases is so slow Its so irritating sometimes.

  2. Well it’s 2:20 pm my time in the states and no update or release yet. Guess they aren’t going to be doing a release today. It’s only been a week again and way behind. Going to have to start dropping novels that don’t update and poor communication at best.

  3. You guys really came here to tell everyone why you dropped the novel? Seriously? What did you want ppl to do, pat you on the back?

    If you dropped it, you dropped it, take your doom and gloom elsewhere or learn some patience. I wonder how many of y’all that are complaining even support the translators.

    It’s a good story, good enough for me to wait for, at least the translator bothered to make a announcement instead of just disappearing. A lot of great novels have been dropped by translators, I’d be happy to get even one chapter a week for those, so if TGR is on a break due to some irl issues, that’s no biggie. Get over it ppl.

    1. That’s cool for you. The problem is is tht this has been happening ever since he took it over. I’m like 90% positive he never was very enthusiastic about it because he was always focused on TDG. This project deserves some actual caring and thyaeria never really seemed to do that about this project (ever since the previous translator left) it’s not his fault I just wish someone would give this project the attention it deserves because it’s such a good story :/. If it was getting regular updates and more than 3 chapters whenever he felt like it i’d be inclined to support it but he barely updates it. We’ve had like 10 chapters since December. He said 6 chapters a week but if we even get an update a week we’re lucky (just on his status not even an actual chapter).

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