TDG Chapter 73

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Chapter 73 – God level growth rate

Nie Li took out the Nightmare Demon Pot. This black jade pot had a light luster on it that was emitting out a mysterious aura.

This item is an ancient treasure. He never thought that it would actually appear in the auction house. Which is why Nie Li couldn’t be bothered about anything and had to buy it. If Nie Li missed this Nightmare Demon Pot, he’ll definitely die with regret.

Nie Li’s right hand stroked the Nightmare Demon Pot, injecting a little soul force into the pot.

The Nightmare Demon Pot shined, forming some sort of connection between it and Nie Li. Regarding the usage of this Nightmare Demon Pot, Nie Li only knows a little bit of it’s usage, he still has to further study it.

One of the Nightmare Demon Pot’s uses is that, by putting in ten types of demon spirits with the same attribute into the Nightmare Demon Pot to refine, there is a chance that it would refine out a stronger demon spirit. Of course, there is always a chance of failure.

Nie Li bought so many demon spirits so that he can refine out a stronger demon spirit.

“I already have an assassin-type demon spirit. What I need the most is a demon spirit that can face an enemy head on.” Nie Li thought awhile. He bought a total of over two thousand Fighter-type demon spirits. Only two thousand Fighter-type demon spirits. He began to wonder if he can get a stronger Fighter-type demon spirit out of them.

Every demon spirit is differentiated by the strength of it’s soul. Which is the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Black Gold, Legend and so on. This is the category made by Glory City. What ordinary people don’t know is, every demon spirit is different in terms of their growth rate, even if it’s a low-grade demon. But if it has a powerful growth rate, it’s not impossible for it to grow powerful to the point of being able to kill a Legend rank demon spirit.

At the same time, the growth rate of some demon spirits are much stronger than ordinary demon spirits. For example, Nie Li’s Shadow Devil Demon Spirit.

Nie Li differentiated the growth rates into five levels. Which are: Poor, Ordinary, Good, Excellent, Extraordinary and God levels. The Shadow Devil Demon Spirit is, without a doubt, a demon spirit with a God level growth rate. Which also means that the growth of the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit is not limited.

Ordinary people don’t even know how to differentiate a demon spirits growth rate, but Nie Li does know how to do it. Just like humans, the growth rate of the demon spirit can be differentiate by the use of soul crystals. Except the method of telling the differences is different.

As for this second integrated demon spirit, it will have a deep impact. Therefore, Nie Li has to carefully choose his second one. Even if he can’t get a God level growth rate demon spirit, he has to get one with at least an Extraordinary growth rate. Otherwise, buying the Nightmare Demon Pot at such a high price would be a waste.

Nie Li took out ten pieces of demon spirit stone, and used a soul crystal to test the level of these ten demon spirits.

“Shattered soul cloud, poor level demon spirit!”

“Shattered soul cloud, poor level demon spirit!”

“Shattered soul cloud, poor level demon spirit!”

“Broken soul cloud, ordinary level demon spirit!”


Nie Li very quickly conducted the tests for the ten demon spirits. Seven poor level and three ordinary level, Nie Li couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.

‘Sure enough, it’s quite difficult to pick out some high level growth rates between these ordinary demon spirits!’ Nie Li thought to himself, a little disappointed. Wanting to find another demon spirit with a growth rate of God level like the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit is too difficult. Otherwise, Nie Li wouldn’t have taken such a big risk to go to the Ancient Orchid Ruins.

These garbage demon spirits, if in the hands of others, would be treated as treasure.

Nie Li threw the ten demon spirit stones into the Nightmare Demon Pot, and operated the Nightmare Demon Pot with his soul force.

In just a moment, the Nightmare Demon Pot began lighting up, releasing a dazzling light. A flow of light began moving around inside. Nie Li can see that after the ten lights rotated nonstop, they gradually merged together, forming into a thick mist.

After around roughly ten minutes, the light from the Nightmare Demon Pot gradually dispersed. A demon spirit was like a spirit. It was moving around at the bottom of the pot.

Nie Li caught the demon spirit, then sealed it in a normal demon spirit stone. He then went ahead and checked the demon spirit’s growth rate.

“Slightly completed soul cloud, with a Good level growth rate! This Nightmare Demon Pot is indeed extraordinary! However, a Good level growth rate demon spirit is still far from enough,” Nie Li shook his head. He definitely won’t put a Good level growth rate demon spirit in his eyes.

Nie Li placed the Good level growth rate demon spirit aside, then took another ten demon spirit stones and began checking.

Ten Fighter-type demon spirits, the best one would be that bull demon spirit. It has a Good level growth rate.

Nie Li once again mixed them up in the Nightmare Demon Pot.

Refine success!

Refine success!

Refine failure!


The possibility of failure is rather small, probably once every ten times. However, after refining for sixty times, the best one that he got out of it is only an Excellent level growth rate Fighter-type demon spirit. The rest were all Good level growth rate demon spirits.

“Not enough!” Nie Li shook his head. The difficulty of rising Demon spirit’s growth rate is still rather high.

However, he still has so many demon spirits, so Nie Li will not give up refining. Among the two thousand demon spirits, there are around sixty that don’t require refining and are already Excellent level growth rate demon spirits and two hundred that are Good level growth rate, it’s still not bad. These demon spirits are originally strong in their growth rates by themselves.

For the next two days, Nie Li refined nonstop. One after another, he turned those Poor and Ordinary level growth rate demon spirits into Good level growth rate demon spirits. Then used the Good level growth rate demon spirits and refined them into Excellent level. Finally, left with over ninety excellent level growth rate demon spirits, he merge them into Extraordinary level demon spirits.

The higher the level of merging, the chances of failure is also greater. In the end, only five Extraordinary demon spirits had succeeded from be refined.

Looking at the five Extraordinary level growth rate demon spirits, Nie Li still isn’t satisfied. If he had ten Extraordinary level growth rate demon spirits, he can have at least one chance of refining them into a God level growth rate demon spirit, and the chance of failure is very high. When refining for Extraordinary level growth rate demon spirits, the chances of success were only left with half. If he refined for a God level demon spirit, it would already be extremely good if there was a one out of five chance of success.

The Alchemist Association sent over Nie Li’s share of the profit for the recent elixir sales, roughly around a billion.

After thinking about it, Nie Li went to meet Nie Hai and Nie En. He let Nie Hai and Nie En to help him acquire a large amount of Fighter-type demon spirits. As many as possible. For every Fighter-type demon spirit acquired, he would give them a little reward.

Nie Li’s reward is rather rich, therefore they would definitely do their best. Hastily, Nie Hai and Nie En went to several merchant halls to acquire as many Fighter-type demon spirits as they can. After sending a few hundred millions, Nie Li got a total of tens of thousands of Fighter-type demon spirits and continued to use the Nightmare Demon Pot.

With the number of refining increasing, Nie Li realised that the Nightmare Demon Pot also had some changes. The originally smuggy demon pot became clearer. He can even see the process of the demons merging within.

Nie Li could feel that the Nightmare Demon Pot was absorbing a small portion of the power from the refined demon spirits. As time went on, the Nightmare Demon Pot became stronger.

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