TDG Chapter 67

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Chapter 67 – Competing auction

After receiving the bottles from Nie Li, Nie En went ahead and opened one of the bottles. He soon realised that it was filled with a mixture of Soul Nurturing Pills, Soul Concentrating Pills and Soul Tempering Pills! Whether it’s the Soul Nurturing Pills, Soul Concentrating Pills or the Soul Tempering Pills, every one of them were small in size. The were, indeed, the genuine pills.

He can see that there is actually Soul Tempering Pills in this bottle, and a hundred of it at that too! One must know that the effects of the Soul Tempering Pill is stronger than the Soul Concentrating Pills by at least ten fold. Aside from the Major families who are able to enjoy this level of elixirs, it’s impossible to find any in the market.

Glory City’s Snow Wind Auction House once auctioned a few Soul Tempering Pills. One of the pills was sold for a sky high price of one million and five hundred thousand! A hundred of those would mean over one billion demon spirit coins!

Thinking of this number, Nie En was about to faint. No matter how rich you are, aside from having some special methods, it’s extremely difficult to get any Soul Tempering Pills from the market.

“These pills are expensive because they were just released. In fact, the Alchemist Association has many of them stored up. So the price will slowly drop in the future. This amount of pills isn’t considered much. To contribute to the family is our obligation!” Nie Li said, righteously.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Nie Hai was beyond depressed. Earlier, when he asked Nie Li, Nie Li did not have any hints of intention to give away his elixirs. He even said that if Nie Hai wanted to get elixirs from him, he’ll tell Director Yang. He didn’t have the slightest intention of contributing to the family. But when Nie En asked, Nie Li casually gave out so many elixirs. This caused Nie Hai to feel useless as a Patriarch.

Nie Li just casually gave out five thousand Soul Nurturing Pills, six hundred Soul Concentrating Pills and one hundred Soul Tempering Pills. Nie Hai’s heart was trembling just thinking about it. This many elixirs would be able to help the Heavenly Marks Family for a long time!

“Grand Elder, keep them well. When we return, give them to the people of our branch to use!” Nie Li reminded Nie En.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Nie En returned from his shock and quickly placed these elixirs into his interspatial ring. He looked around a little worried. When they spoke, they controlled their voices, so they would not be overheard. Therefore, the four other Patriarchs did not hear what they talked about. Knowing that he wasn’t noticed by anyone, Nie En felt relieved.

When he thought about those elixirs within his interspatial ring, Nie En felt blissful. With so many elixirs, it’s more than enough to get his branch to rise a level. Within the Heavenly Marks Family, there is a total of eight branches. In normal cases, there is minor conflicts between branches, therefore, Nie En’s action is not that impartial.

“Nie Li, Grand Elder Nie En, this is not right. The whole Heavenly Marks Family is our family. How can we be selfish and not care about the other branches?” Nie Hai hurriedly said. Seeing Nie Li and Nie En’s intentions. They do not intend on giving the other branches those elixirs.

Nie Li and Nie En glanced at each other, Nie Li then looked at Nie Hai, puzzled and said, “These elixirs are mine. I give them to who I want, is that still wrong? Is our branch not a part of the Heavenly Marks Family? Members of our branch grow stronger in strength. This also means that the strength of Heavenly Marks Family grows!”

“How can this be compared! Only by splitting the elixirs among the families can we have the biggest effect!” Nie Hai hurriedly said, “With so many elixirs, you have to somehow give some to the other branches.”

Among the elders within the Heavenly Marks Family, Nie En’s position was at the very bottom. However, when Nie Li returned, he became the enforcement elder of the family. Nie En has always treated people well, but was a little timid. Therefore, he would very less fight for interests for the members of his own branch. However today, with so many elixirs in his possession, he can finally have the courage to stand up.

These elixirs are more than enough to determine the future of the whole family.

“Patriarch Nie Hai, these were given to me by Nie Li. Whoever Nie Li wants to give to, I have no control over it.” Nie En respectfully said, throwing back the ball to Nie Li. Now that Nie Li has the backing of Yang Xin, he can not be bothered about Nie Hai.

“You two……” Nie Hai was madly depressed. These two were colluding together.

Nie Li is not prepared to fall out with Nie Hai. As for other branches, of course he still has to take care of them a little. With so many elixirs, his own branch couldn’t use them all in a short amount of time, not to mention that he’ll be getting more in the future. Therefore, he was not bother about this.

“Grand Elder, we’ll contribute two-fifths of the elixirs to the family, then.” Nie Li looked at Nie En and said.

“En, okay!” Nie En said, nodding his head. He is also not someone who doesn’t think about the interest of others.

“Three-fifths!” Nie Hai argued.

“Only two-fifth. If Patriarch Nie Hai doesn’t want it, then forget it.” Nie Li shook his head, strongly said. With so many elixirs, just taking out two-fifths alone would be more than enough for the Heavenly Marks Family to use for quite a while.

“How about this, we’ll contribute half to the family.” Nie En said, smoothing things out.

“Grand Elder is really thoughtful, Nie Hai is grateful!” Nie Hai cupped his hands, seriously said. To be able to get half is already very good. After all, the amount of those elixirs far surpasses his imagination.

“Patriarch Nie Hai means that I’m not thoughtful?” Nie Li’s brow slightly twitched.

“I didn’t mean it that way. Xiao Li has misunderstood, I apologize to Xiao Li. Xiao Li is able to contribute so many elixirs to the family. This proves that Xiao Li is caring for the family!” Nie Hai was scared and immediately apologized. If Nie Li gets angry and takes back the elixirs, he can only cry.

Unknowingly, Nie Li already has complete control. The title of Patriarch, for Nie Li to say, is completely useless. If Nie Li is angry, Nie Hai has to carefully apologize. Although he felt depressed, he didn’t dare to say anything else. However, after thinking about those elixirs, Nie Hai has no more grievances. So many elixirs are more than enough for causing big changes within the Heavenly Marks Family. Therefore, no matter how much grievance he felt, it’s all worth it.

Nie Li snorted and turned his head. Seeing his scene, Nie En finds it funny. In the past, when Nie Li saw the elders within the clan, he would be terrified out of his life, not to mention Nie Hai. However, now the situation has turned around. In front of Nie Li, Nie Hai doesn’t even dare to talk loudly. He does not even have his majestic Patriarch aura.

The auctioning of the ten sets of Soul Concentrating Pills had also finished. They were bought by several families and merchants. Those who managed to get their hands on a set of elixirs were so full of joy it was written on their faces.

At this moment, Nie Hai and Nie En had a sense of being able to prevail against everyone there.

“Competing so intensely like this just for a hundred Soul Concentrating Pills.”

The whole Hong Yue Auction House only managed to obtain a quota of a thousand Soul Nurturing Pills and a hundred Soul Concentrating Pills. If they were to change the pills into money, it would’ve been an unimaginable amount, not to mention the shockingly effectiveness of the Soul Tempering Pill!

While feeling extremely excited, almost as though he’s still dreaming, Nie En unconsciously clutched his interspatial ring. It’s the first time that his interspatial ring had such a huge amount of fortune. He couldn’t help feeling uneasiness within his heart as he began to fear of theft. Although putting them in the interspatial ring is still extremely safe, he’s still paranoid.

Nie Hai was beside Nie En like a guard. If there was someone that dared to snatch their elixirs, he’d go all out and fight them.

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  1. I’m sorry, I just am having too much fun!! Nie Li is lighting it up. I am rolling. This scene:

    [“How about this, we’ll contribute half to the family.” Nie En said, smoothing things out.

    “Grand Elder is really thoughtful, Nie Hai is grateful!” Nie Hai cupped his hands, seriously said. To be able to get half is already very good. After all, the amount of those elixirs far surpasses his imagination.

    “Patriarch Nie Hai means that I’m not thoughtful?” Nie Li’s brow slightly twitched.]

    I almost died!

    1. I’m amazed beyond belief that you’re enjoying the MC being a huge asshole for no apparent reason what so ever.
      The Patriarch is actually, in all honesty, trying to raise the status of the entire family, not just a single branch. That alone shows he does his job as a “Clan Leader” very well.

      It’s the MC who’s not being impartial, he’s on the same level as that Wei that he hates so much.
      Really, how can you find such disgusting behavior as comedy?

      1. Let’s lighten up shall we? He’s teasing everyone. You know when your parents, or Grandparents take tease you when you are a kid. Because you don’t know better, because they pretty much dictate what is going to happen.

        This is what he is doing.

        Furthermore, Nie Li may be planning to give less pills to other branches, but a true a** would give them none at all.

        To end. It was a joke and I took it as a joke. Comedy has no bounds. Anything and everything can be made fun of. If you have never laughed at anything puerile or that others may find offensive, please continue to look at me with disdain. I shall continue to laugh when I am amused.

        1. In my opinion, the comedy comes from the misery of others. We can choose to either feel bad an sympathize with the pain, or we can laugh at it to save us from negative feelings.

          So on one hand, you can just laugh at the situations because it is amusing how Nie Li just totally has the Patriarch in the palm of his hand, but on the other hand, Nie Li’s being a jerk. A hilarious jerk, but still a jerk.

      2. Do you understand that he just gave out $ enough to feed their whole family for few years??
        if he really wanted to “on the same level as that Wei that he hates “.
        He wouldn’t even care to buy any items from this auction. He’s doing it to save his family’s face. BTW they say family, but its more like town chief/elder. Little town with over 6k population.

      3. Thank you, the more I read about this MC, the more he becomes like a bad self-insert fanfiction character. That’s too bad, since the story itself is promising. Everything I hate in a MC this guy just got it all. That’s an accomplishment in itself I guess…

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  3. Glory City’s Snow Wind Auction House once auctioned a few Soul Tempering Pills. One of the pills was sold for a sky high price of one million and five hundred thousand! A hundred of those would mean over one billion demon spirit coins!

    shouldn’t it be 150 million? AFAIK 1 billion is 1,000 million

    thanks for your work

  4. Am i the only one here thinking that Nei Li is really an ass here, why not just give them that way The clan will feel grateful to him. coz if the clan is not that strong they will suffer a lot after the demon beast attack.

    1. *raises hand*
      As you say, Nie Li’s behavior makes no sense.
      He wants to strengthen and empower the entire family, yet he walks all over the only person who shares that vision.

      The Patriarch is an impartial leader, he wants to benefit everyone in the family, just like Nie Li. Yet Nie Li walks all over the only person who can unify the entire family as of now without causing major grievances among the members (no, I do not believe an entire family would follow after a 13 years old).
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      1. yeah same here. i agree with being ruthledd to your enemies but this behavior is too wrong. the patriarch is just and impartial, he even stood with Nie Li against Nie Wei before even the alchimist association Kicks In and now Nie Li treats him like this.

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  7. Hello. I just got started on the manga and came here for the rest of the story and better translations to be honest. But I cannot understand one thing and I cannot find the answer via google.

    Why does the Heavenly Marks Family refer to Nie Li as Xiao li sometimes? Is it because they have the same family name? or is he actual name Xiao li?

    This was bothering me with the manga and I see that it wasn’t a bad interpretation in the manga scan. So does anyone know why?

    1. Xiao means “little” in chinese. Lao is the antonym. Someone older than Nie Li can call him little li, and someone younger than him kan call him Li Ge (brother Li), or Lao Li (old Li), or uncle Li.

  8. Why so much hate?
    No one learns business negotiations or politics? It’s an extremely filthy struggle of power.
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    However it is not that simple. We can sympathize with Nie Hai because his thought is explicitly depicted in the novel, Nie Li didn’t have this access. One wrong move and he could nurture the enemy within instead. He must carefully choose who to trust and the ones who didn’t left good impression or just ambivalent impression in his past life must now earned it. In further chapter, how Nie Hai bootlicked Nie Li shows his loyalty as the patriarch of Heavenly Marks family and not for his own glory, thus Nie Li became even more generous to him overtime.

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