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Chapter 452 – Visit

The position of Heavenly Note Sect’s Sect Master was yearned by many and Xiao Ning’er’s heart wasn’t moved by it?

She was probably just saying…

Xuan Yue refused to believe that there wasn’t any ill-feeling between Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun.

Xiu Ming of the Phaseless Sect will soon pay a visit to the Heavenly Note Sect. They’re here for an alliance and Xuan Yue naturally knew that if they were to have a good relationship with that Xiu Ming, her position within the Heavenly Note Sect would greatly rise. But the problem was that she would definitely not be placed in the eyes of Xiu Ming.

With her position in the Heavenly Note Sect, it was impossible for Xiu Ming to look at her.

“Senior Sister Ning’er, Senior Sister Xuan Yue, I’ve just gotten the news that aside from the Phaseless Sect, the Divine Feathers Sect came as well! According to the news, they’re paying a visit to the Grand Sect Master!” A young lady with her hair bunned up ran and said as she gasped for breath.

“The Divine Feathers Sect came as well?” Xiao Ning’er suddenly stood up with expectation revealed on her face, as well as her eyes.

She was looking forward to Nie Li’s appearance. But, at the same time, she was afraid that her expectations would be non.

Xuan Yue was startled as she saw Xiao Ning’er suddenly stand up, looking extremely excited, since Xiao Ning’er was usually as calm as water. There was definitely a reason for her loss of composure, it seemed like there’s someone among the Divine Feathers Sect that she wanted to meet!

Xuan Yue couldn’t help showing a ridiculing smile .

The Phaseless Sect was one of the most powerful sects among the Six Righteous Sect and Xiu Ming was the son of their Sect Master.

Whereas, the Divine Feathers Sect was a bottom ranked Sect. No matter who Xiao Ning’er wanted to meet, that person’s position in the Divine Feathers Sect was definitely incomparable to the Phaseless Sect.

She had no idea what Xiao Ning’er was thinking to have such interests in a person from the Divine Feathers Sect.

“Xiao Yi, is someone called Nie Li among the group?” Xiao Ning’er asked urgently.

“Nie Li? I’m not very sure!” Xiao Yi shook her head and added: “However, I’ve heard that the Sect Master for Divine Feathers Sect seems to have changed. The new Sect Master’s surname was Nie and everyone still didn’t know where he came from!”

New Sect Master? Surnamed Nie? Was it him? Could it be that in such a short time, Nie Li had become the new Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect?

Xiao Ning’er had doubts in her heart. But no matter what, since the Divine Feathers Sect had also arrived, she definitely must take a look.

“Xiao Yi, Senior Sister Xuan Yue, let’s go take a look!” Xiao Ning’er said towards the two beside her.

A group of people was heading towards the Main Hall of the Heavenly Note Sect.

The main hall of the Heavenly Note Sect was very imposing with heavenly music lingering around. It was said that the first ancestor of the Heavenly Note Sect was a great beauty with many relations to the Ancestral God Land. The Heavenly Note Sect was an extremely mysterious place that only recruits female disciples. Although they allowed their disciples to have contacts with the disciples of the other Sects, they forbade marriage and no one knew the reason why.

This had always been a tradition in the Heavenly Note Sect.

Nie Li raised his head and looked at the sign on the Heavenly Note Sect’s Main Hall and faintly smiled. His fiancée and his confidante were all in the Heavenly Note Sect.

If the Heavenly Note Sect refused to let them go, will he tear apart the Heavenly Note Sect?

The party had over ten people with three Martial Ancestor Realm experts, following Nie Li into the Main Hall.

The current Main Hall was extremely bustling, gathered with many people of both genders. Looking at the Main Hall, a graceful and feminine middle-aged woman was seen seated up ahead, wearing a graceful smile on her face.

That middle-aged woman should be the current Sect Master of the Heavenly Note Sect, Nangong Xianyin. Beside Nangong Xianyin, sat a youth that was roughly sixteen to seventeen with an elegant demeanor around him, standing above the crowds. Those several experts that stood around him should all be Dao of Dragon Realm experts. That person was Xiu Ming of the Phaseless Sect.

“Seems like this young and promising youth should be the rumored Sect Master Nie!” Nangong Xianyin lightly smiled as her gaze fell onto Nie Li, who had just walked in. When she swept her gaze towards those people behind Nie Li, her eyes flashed across with astonishment.

There were three Martial Ancestor Realm experts that followed behind Nie Li.

If it was just Martial Ancestor Realm experts, it wasn’t rare. After all, the Heavenly Note Sect also had eight Martial Ancestor Realm experts of their own.

But, the crucial point was that she does not recognise any of those Martial Ancestor Realm experts! Reaching the Martial Ancestor Realm, they definitely possessed fame in the various sects but she had not seen any of those three before.

Suddenly, three newly ascended Martial Ancestor Realm experts have emerged, this was definitely a different story.

“This young one pays his respects to Sect Master Nangong!” Nie Li lightly smiled as he cupped his hands.

“Sect Master Nie is too polite.” Nangong Xianyin lightly smiled.

Xiu Ming took a glance at Nie Li and said with a tone that had hidden meaning, “I didn’t expect that the Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect would be so young. This is definitely unexpected.”

“Brother Xiu Ming is also very young.” Nie Li lightly smiled as he replied.

“You recognised me?” Xiu Ming was a little startled. Nie Li had not seen him before, so how did Nie Li know him?

Nie Li’s eyes flashed with a smear of light. In the previous life, he had some interactions with this Xiu Ming. Xiu Ming’s talent was so outstanding that he managed to ascend into Martial Ancestor Realm from the Heavenly Star Realm in just a short six years time. Becoming one of the super genius’ in the Ancestral God Land that far surpassed Long Tianming and the rest.

In the end, Xiu Ming cultivated a Cultivation Technique called [Sky Annihilation Heart Chant], slaughtering the entire population of the Phaseless Sect that had tens of thousands of people. Even his parents and clansmen weren’t spared from that massacre.

This person was vicious and merciless ways weren’t any inferior compared to the Sage Emperor. But even when he managed to complete cultivating the [Sky Annihilation Heart Chant], he wasn’t able to defeat the Sage Emperor.

There were many rumors about this person. Someone said that in order to allow Xiu Ming to fully cultivate the [Sky Annihilation Heart Chant], they offered the lives of their sect. Another said that when the [Sky Annihilation Heart Chant] reached it’s peak, one has to severe their emotions and desires. Therefore, he had destroyed the entire Phaseless Sect.

Even Nie Li could not determine if this person was righteous or evil.

“Of course, I recognise you. The Young Sect Master of the Phaseless Sect, how could I not recognise you?” Nie Li lightly smiled.

“Oh?” Xiu Ming faintly replied and took several more glances at Nie Li. He was certain that he had not seen Nie Li before. However, it was normal that he had not paid any attention to Nie Li, who had just recently risen up, “Could it be that Brother Nie Li had seen me before?”

“I have.” Nie Li faintly smiled as he nodded and further added on, “However, Young Sect Master Xiu Ming is an eminent person that has short memories, it was impossible for you to remember.”

“I wonder, what’s the reason that Sect Master Nie Li paid a visit to my Heavenly Note Sect?” Nangong Xianyin couldn’t help smiling as she asked.

Xiu Ming was invited by the Heavenly Note Sect, but Nie Li wasn’t.

Not only did Nie Li turn up uninvited, he still brought along three newly ascended Martial Ancestor Realm experts. What was the reason behind all of these actions?

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