TDG Chapter 450

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Chapter 450 – Godslayer Artifact

A majestic aura was constantly being breathed in and out. Nie Li felt surges of powerful auras entering his body and warming his limbs and meridians.

While Nie Li was cultivating, a mysterious energy exploded in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. Nie Li was startled in his heart as he immediately entered into the painting. He saw a lump of flames blazing in the painting that looked just like the sun.

That powerful energy filled the entire painting.

It was Goddess Yu Yan!

Nie Li looked towards Yu Yan’s direction and saw her tiny body being bathed in the blazing flames. Her clothes have long turned into ashes and her voluptuous figure could be seen in the flames.

Goddess Yu Wan was beautiful and flawless. Any guy who saw her would probably get a sudden shock.

“Nie Li.” Goddess Yu Yan slowly opened her eyes as a smear of blazing fire flashed across her eyes. In her calm eyes, there seemed to be a faint wrath.

“Big Sister Yu Yan, what’s wrong with you?” Nie Li couldn’t help asking. The powerful energy that was being emitted from Goddess Yu Yan made him shocked.

“I’ve recalled it. There are cause and effects in everything!” Goddess Yu Yan raised her head and looked up to the sky.

“What have you recalled?” Nie Li couldn’t help giving pause for a moment, before asking.

Goddess Yu Yan hesitated for a moment, before looking towards Nie Li, “I’ve recalled everything from the previous and present life. I thought that I’d forgotten them, but actually, they were hidden in the depths of my memory all along. Are you willing to make a trip with me back to the Tiny World?”

“Tiny World? But the entrance to the Tiny World hasn’t opened yet, how are we going to go?” Nie Li looked towards Yu Yan as he asked. His gaze swept Yu Yan’s naked body and couldn’t help retracting his gaze awkwardly.

Yu Yan looked at Nie Li, “I can open the seal to the Tiny World. However, that would mean that the Tiny World would be completely open. I’m not sure if it will be fortunate or disastrous.”

Nie Li was filled with astonishment. Yu Yan said that she could completely open the seal towards the Tiny World?

What’s hidden in the Tiny World?

Among the three thousand smaller realms, only the Tiny World was sealed. There must certainly be secret hidden in the Tiny World.

“Although I’m not sure why Big Sister Yu Yan wants to go to the Tiny World for, but since you’ve decided, then I will follow you.” Nie Li said calm and unhurried.

Yu Yan was stunned for an instant before sighing. “Nie Li, thanks. You’re the only one I could trust!”

Yu Yan’s desolate tone touched Nie Li’s heartstrings. In the past, he was all alone. No one could understand the loneliness and helplessness better than him. Luckily, he managed to be reborn and redo everything again. He still has so many friends and relatives.

In this life, let me protect everyone!

Nie Li looked towards Yu Yan, he could sense the sadness in her heart.

The flames on Yu Yan turned into a magnificent gauze as it slowly wrapped her beautiful body. She raised her head and said, “If we’re going back to the tiny World, we have to either wait for the next opening of the Tiny World or to break the Tiny World’s seal. But right now, we’re short on time. We have to find this item.”

Nie Li had no idea what was it that Yu Yan spoke of.

“How should we break the seal to the Tiny World?” Nie Li couldn’t help asking.

“Nie Li, have you heard of the Godslayer Artifact?” Yu Yan looked at Nie Li as she asked.

“The Godslayer Artifact?” Nie Li was stunned for a moment.

“Correct, in this world, there are two Godslayer Artifacts. This two items have existed in this world since ancient times and are extremely powerful. The two Godslayer Artifacts are the Myriad Ancestor Sword and the Sacred Demon Blade.” said Yu Yan.

“The Myriad Ancestor Sword and Sacred Demon Blade? I think I’ve heard of them before!” Nie Li slightly frowned his brows.

“The Myriad Ancestor Sword and Sacred Demon Sword are controlled by the Ancestral God Land and the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land. The two Godslayer Artifacts made the Ancestral God Land and the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land the two most powerful forces, causing them to become official existences.” Yu Yan sighed as she continued, “Except that for a long time now, no one could use the Myriad Ancestor Sword. In a great battle, it was separated into seven pieces, which were separately controlled by the Ancestral God Land, as well as the six righteous sects.”

“Seven pieces?” This was the first time that Nie Li had heard of this story, and he doesn’t know how powerful the Myriad Ancestor Sword was. “Does that mean that the Divine Feathers Sect also has one of its pieces?”

Yu Yan nodded her head, “Correct.”

“Why hasn’t the Big Five mention it before?” Nie Li couldn’t help asking.

“Such treasures are important treasures of the Divine Feathers Sect and, therefore, are heavily concealed in secret. With the strongest Martial Ancestor Realm as its protector. Only when he dies, will he pass it to the next.” said Yu Yan.

“It seems that this treasure is in Hierarch Martialsky’s hands then.” Nie Li nodded as he continued, “But what does it have to do with breaking the Tiny World’s seal?”

“Only the Myriad Ancestor Sword could break the seal on the Tiny World.” Yu Yan answered.

“Why would the Tiny World require such a powerful treasure to break the seal open?” Nie Li couldn’t help voicing his doubts.

“The Tiny World’s seal was formed by a Supreme. In the Tiny World, there’s a treasure even greater than the Godslayer Artifact. It’s called the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. Only if we find this book, can we obtain the chance of defeating the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land. Otherwise, it will be impossible!” Yu Yan said solemnly as she carried on, “This is also the reason why I’m in the Tiny World!”

Temporal Demon Spirit Book?

Nie Li was stunned for a moment. Indeed, the Temporal Demon Spirit Book was extremely powerful. However, Nie Li had no idea where the book disappeared to. Only by destroying the Tiny World’s seal with the Godslayer Artifact, they’ll be able to find the Temporal Demon Spirit Book?

“But where should we go to find the Temporal Demon Spirit Book?” Nie Li couldn’t help asking his question.

“The Temporal Demon Spirit Book is a sacred item, much more powerful then the two Godslayer Artifacts. Because of the Tiny World’s seal, the Temporal Demon Spirit Book vanished without a trace and is nowhere found. If we open the seal of the Tiny World, can we sense the aura of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.” said Yu Yan.

Nie Li hesitated for a brief moment. The missing book had always been a sore point in his heart. He must find the Temporal Demon Spirit Book in order to have the confidence to confront the Sage Emperor!

The Sage Emperor was too powerful as he had sealed off the Draconic Ruins Realm and was refining it. Add his underlings that have many powerful claws, unless he had absolute confidence, he can’t go head-on with the Sage Emperor!

“If we break open the seal to the Tiny World, wouldn’t the Sage Emperor be a step before us in finding the Temporal Demon Spirit Book?” Nie Li couldn’t help asking. This was also the most important thing that he’s worried about.

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  1. What do you think the odds are that Nie Li will tell Yu Yan that he already has a few pages and he already searched for it once?

    I think removing what is hiding the book from the Demon Emperor is _really_ dumb. Have some patience and go back when you are scheduled.

    Unless, of course, it’s to just show up in time to save Glory City in a moment of its greatest need?

    1. Breaking a super powerful seal on an entire realm with a restored version of one of the two most powerful artifact weapons? Yeah, that definitely won’t attract ANY attention.

      That has to be one of if not the most idiotic things that could be done. For one thing, there’s no way the Emperor will get it before them, if they wait for the proper way – I’m fairly certain that Nie Li was older when he found it in his previous life, they have AT LEAST that much more time.

      And Glory City has that 10k(?) demons spirit array thing to protect them from any threats – unless they actually DO destroy the seal and thus cause armies to, most likely, attack everything that moves in search of whatever treasures they can find. Armies where each individual soldier can kill EVERYONE he/she encounters. And that’s excluding the main villain.

      Yeah, sure, destroy the seal, there’s no way any of that can happen, I’m just being paranoid.

      1. Man, use some creativity or common as Nie li is sect master and have more than 13 martial ancestors excluding big 5.
        If he break the seal he simply send 4 or 5 martial ancestors to protect his people and in entire draconic realm no one want to fight with a martial ancestors with such a huge back up unless it not ancestral demonic saint land. No one Dare to touch his people

        1. He has 13 Martial Ancestor Experts yes, but the former 5 Grand elders are included. It was mentioned when LingKong entered the Devine Feathers Sect. something like “there were 5, so why are there now 8 more”

          1. I disagree with this. LingKong was the one who made that assumption and he doesn’t know the whole situation in the sect, so its safer to assume that that 13 doesn’t include the big 5. The big 5 are cultivating in seclusion, so I don’t believe that they are included in those 13 that cultivate together with tens of thousands of Dao of Dragon disciples.

            So the sect at that moment at least have 18 martial ancestors. Furthermore, when Nie Li asked Lu Piao about transferring the subsidiary sect, he only brought 2 Martial Ancestors and hundreds of Pinnacle Daos of Dragon. But when the Demon Sect probe them, there is already 7 martial ancestors, so most probably 5 of those Pinnacle Daos of Dragon already ranked up. So in the sect at that moment, at least have 23 Martial Ancestors.

            However, no matter how many Martial Ancestors they have, I strongly believe that it is a stupid idea to break the seal of tiny world. It will just attract the attention of the enemy. Furthermore, I forgot if its Daozang or Xiao Yu’s Father, but one of them mentioned that there are some important treasure hidden in Tiny World. When I read this chapter, I can’t help but SMH with the way the author is ruining the story by rushing it. From what I heard its not his first time to drop a novel, but dropping a novel of this caliber is just sad. If its financial, I am pretty sure a lot of fans (and translators), me included, are willing to help.

  2. Goddess Yu Yan hesitated for a moment, before looking towards Nie Li, “I’ve recalled everything from the previous and present life. I thought that I’d forgotten them, but actually, they were hidden in the depths of my memory all along. Are you willing to make a trip with me back to the Tiny World?”

    – So from previous and present life. And she knows about the TDSB, so I am calling it, Yu Yan is one of the 6 Reincarnations, just like the Demon Lord.

    I guess its already pretty obvious that the author doesn’t give this as much attention like before. Lots of plot holes, lots of loose ends, lots of asspull poweups while no fighting, just rushing the story to end. Although the MC is like a spoiled brat of the author and acts like an asshole half of the time, but the story in general is very engaging. So its really depressing how this story coming to.

    What happened to the issue against Li Yufeng? One of the reasons Nie Li went to Sky Origin Divine Clan was to solve this issue, but no resolution was made. Its out of Nie Li’s character not to exact revenge. The running for 1st successor in line for Long Yuyin and Li Xingyun was skipped and went to acting sect right away. And when was the last fight happened? Not asking for fighting all the time, but the last fight was IIRC was when Nie Li was heavenly fate. He is Dao of Dragon now! And just WTH was Ying Yueru’s death was all about? Because Nie Li is already Heavenly Axis? under what grounds would the sage emperor kill Nie Li? Being very strong at his age? I don’t think so. A few days after her death, a lot of same age disciples are stronger than him. He should be smart with his preparations now because he was reincarnated, but why would he let this happen. Not to mention, he could just send his master in his painting so the enemies couldn’t track her. And now, breaking the seal on tiny world. SMH. 🙁

  3. yeah lets remove the one thing that is keeping everyone out. clearly a place that only those who come from there can enter obviously has some treasures hidden in it. The most powerful existences can’t even get in. so if the seal is broken every power will investigate tiny world.

    I’m dropping this novel as it has gone to shit and will never be completed.

  4. breaking a seal that protected the tiny world for god knows how many years is reckless. not just sage emperor even couple of demon sect goons could wipe it out. not to mention it’ll trigger all unsafety alarms..

  5. Just for one treasure Yu Yan is willing to destroy the seal of tiny world. Thus endangering the tiny world’s people (including glory city) for all eternity. If they break the seal even after defeating the Sage Emperor (hypothetically speaking) the demon sect guys can come and go as they please thus laying waste to every human refuge places. Who will guard it for eternity unless someone seals it again.
    Not to mention there are many other sacred and ancient treasures hidden in Tiny world. They all might fall into the wrong hands.
    As of now there is only one sentence that supports the breaking of seal… only upto a tiny extent.
    “If we’re going back to the tiny World, we have to either wait for the next opening of the Tiny World or to break the Tiny World’s seal. But right now, we’re short on time. We have to find this item.”
    Even if they are short on time, it takes lot of years for them to reach Sage Emperor level even with the Temporal Demon book’s help. By that time his deity servants and Sage Emperor will lay waste to Tiny world and all sects (at least human sects).
    Actually the timing of getting the book fits because when Nei Li made that trip in that desert after Glory city gets destroyed they went to heavenly plateau and from there they appeared at the endless desert (can’t be sure how much time elapsed, but considering the way Ye ziyun used her body to protect Nei Li and Nei Li didn’t even perceive that demon beast mean they were pretty weak. And he didn’t die after that means that’s even weaker demon beast than himself. may be they are at most in Gold rankings. That should keep the timeline between 4 months (3 to reach plate safely + 1 in desert) to 2-3 years (more than that, Ziyun would’ve been stronger to defend against that low level demon. Ignore Nei Li as his cultivation speed was very slow compared to her). And till now since Nei Li’s rebirth it would be 3 and 1/2 years (my comment in 453 discussion). But the desert palace was destroyed when Nei Li went there, may be the book’s power will restore it or appear at some other place.

    I am also doubting the golden flames of Yu Yan because the Ancestral God Land was destroyed by those flames in Nei Li’s previous life, but can’t be sure that she’s the only one who wields such flames.

    Okay that ends my rant.

  6. This is very stupid thing i have ever seen in this novel, is MC head is right even after experiencing 1 life cycle. The only thing make is safe to tiny world is that seal, they are breaking it and completely opening it so anyone can rush there and make chaos. Cant they wait 4 more years and for the god sake why MC not telling his reality to Yu Yan even after she tell this much, so maybe after hearing his story there will would another conclusion.

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