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Chapter 449 – Demon God’s Sect

To Ling Kong, the Divine Feathers Sect was like a great mountain bearing down on them, forcing them to heave for air.

No matter what, they couldn’t afford to offend the Divine Feathers Sect. There would be terrifying consequences.

They’d also have to be careful in dealing with Lu Piao, who’d be sent to watch them. If they offended him… well, they’d seen how many Martial Ancestor Realm experts Lu Piao had under him. It was enough to annihilate the whole Lingyun Sect.

Over the next few months, Lu Piao supervised the Lingyun Sect as they moved their entire organisation to the Myriad Dao Peak.

But it wasn’t just the Lingyun Sect — the Divine Feathers Sect had intimidated many other sects into submission.

Right now, the Divine Feathers Sect was a colossal force.

The disciples of the Divine Feathers Sect had never imagined that Nie Li would lead them to such flourishing heights.

Everyone in the Divine Feathers Sect brimmed with confidence. They knew that their sect was worthy of paving the way to righteousness.

Lightning Roar Mountain Range

The main peak towered as a host of smaller islands orbited it in a mysterious array.

A red-scaled, winged-dragon danced at the center in a blaze of flames.

A spectacular palace, complete with gorgeous pavilions, rested upon the peak of the mountain.

A second winged-dragon, larger than the first, spiraled over the palace, its scarlet eyes burning with bright flames.

This was the territory of the Demon God’s Sect.

They’d controlled this territory for several thousands of years.

Their strength was terrifying, without question. The scores of sects nearby all bowed to them, and accepted their place as subsidiaries.

The Demon God’s Sect possessed scores of pinnacle Martial Ancestor Realm experts and thousands more Dao of Dragon Realm experts. No one, regardless of whether they walked the righteous path or the demonic one, dared to provoke the Demon God’s Sect.

A silver-armoured man sat on a throne in the main hall of the Demon God’s Sect. A nebula revolved around him and his majestic aura surged like waves on the Yellow River.

He was the Sect Master of the Demon God’s Sect — Flame Spirit Warring Hierarch.

The Flame Spirit Warring Hierarch was a 7-Stage Martial Ancestor Realm expert, and one of the supreme overlords of the Draconic Ruins Realm.

A subordinate knelt before him and trembled in fear. “Sect Master, we’ve just been informed that Long Tianming’s plans have failed, and that he’s been arrested. We no longer have a clear picture on the Divine Feathers Sect’s current state of affairs, and we still don’t know why they chose such an unknown brat as their Sect Master.”

The Flame Spirit Warring Hierarch slowly opened his eyes. A blaze flashed across his scarlet blood pupils.

“Have you investigated the brat’s background?”

“According to what we’ve obtained so far, he’s from the Tiny World. But we don’t know why the Divine Feathers Sect’s five Martial Ancestors would support such a person.”

“The Divine Feathers Sect has been moving. They sent seven Martial Ancestor Realm experts just to rope in the nearby smaller sects.”

“Seven Martial Ancestor Realm experts?” The Sect Master’s expression turned cold.

A frightening pressure fell over the entire hall.

“Indeed. The Divine Feathers Sect has been closed off for so long and it’s been hard for us to scout inside. When the Divine Feathers Sect finally reopened itself, there was a sudden surge in both the number of Martial Ancestor Realm and Dao of Dragon Realm experts,” that subordinate reported with a trembling voice. He felt the blazing energy above him, as though it would turn him to ash at his slightest hint of carelessness.

“From the Tiny World. Interesting.” the Flame Spirit Warring Hierarch raised his brows.

“The Divine Feathers Sect isn’t alone. We’ve also seen new Martial Ancestor Realm experts in the other major righteous sects, including the Skyblaze and Heavenly Note Sects. They’ve also taken in disciples from the Tiny World. Without a doubt, this must be the result of a cultivation technique from the Tiny World.

“Of the Draconic Ruins Realm’s three thousand smaller realms, the Tiny World is the most mysterious one, since it’s been restricted by a Supreme. Only those born in that realm may enter or leave as they please, while no outsider can step foot inside. In history, there were several supreme experts from the Tiny World, even though they’ve all vanished without a trace. Even still, we can’t underestimate them!” A grey-robed elder said from the sidelines. He was the Blaze Void Warring Hierarch, and a grand elder of the Demon God’s Sect. As a 5-Stage Martial Ancestor Realm expert, his influence ranked just below that of the Flame Spirit Warring Hierarch.

“Send Xuan Mei and her team to investigate the Tiny World. Find out their origins,” the Flame Spirit Warring Hierarch ordered with cold eyes. The Demon God’s Sect had also nurtured its own force in the Tiny World.

“Then, how should we deal with the Divine Feathers Sect?” the Flame Void Warring Hierarch asked the Sect Master.

“So many Martial Ancestor Realm experts have emerged in the Divine Feathers Sect. As time passes, the situation will grow even more unfavorable to our Demon God’s Sect. But we should also keep in mind that the Divine Feathers Sect closed itself off before displaying its strength.They’re saying that they have the confidence to deal with us. If we declare war, I’m afraid we won’t be able to win against them!” the Flame Spirit Warring Hierarch’s voice was calm and unwavering.

“I wonder what ideas the Sect Master has?” the Flame Void Warring Hierarch said with his hands cupped towards the Sect Master.

“The Divine Feathers Sect is free to seal itself away from the world. But now they’ve chosen to display their power — this proves that they’re trying to do something, and urgently so. We’ll investigate first. Furthermore, we must report this to the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land. They’ll definitely send reinforcements. That will save us quite a bit of strength.” the Flame Spirit Warring Hierarch replied with a calm and cold smile.

The Flame Void Warring Hierarch hesitated for a moment then his eyes lit up, “The Sect Master is wise.”

The Demon God’s Sect was publicly pledged to the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land, but in private, they’d been working on expanding their strength. There was a vague intent of competing with the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land.

The Ancestral Demonic Saint Land was the organisation that controlled the major demonic sects and stood above them all.

However, the Flame Spirit Warring Hierarch was the sort of person who refused to serve anyone else — he wanted to be an overlord of a generation. Now that he sat as the Demon God’s Sect’s Sect Master, how could he be willing to bow down to anyone?

However, the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land was simply too powerful for them to handle. Their experts were extremely frightening, and their histories were long and immeasurable. It would be better for them to let the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land deal with the Divine Feathers Sect — in the meantime, the Demon God’s Sect could simply watch and gather information on the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land.

The Ancestral Demonic Saint Land was a terrifying and mysterious existence. Not a single sect dared to content with them.

In the Divine Feathers Sect, Nie Li was deep in his cultivation. The closer he got to the end of the [Heavenly God] Cultivation Technique, the harder it became to cultivate. However, the amount of power he gained with each stage also grew. If you added on all the combat experience from his previous life, and the treasures he now possessed, Nie Li was on par with any Dao of Dragon Realm expert. He could even defend himself against a Martial Ancestor Realm expert. That’s just how strong he was.

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