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Chapter 448 – Life As Such

“No matter what the Sect Master instructs us, our Lingyun Sect will be by your side!” Ling Kong cupped his hands and said respectfully.

Nie Li laughed. “Since Young Master Ling Kong is willing to help us, then it’s even better. As long as the Lingyun Sect follows us, our Divine Feathers Sect will definitely not treat you badly!”

“Thank you, Sect Master Nie!” Ling Kong immediately replied as he bowed. As for how the Divine Feathers Sect treats the Lingyun Sect, he didn’t dare to have any other thoughts. It was already good enough if the Divine Feathers Sect doesn’t deal with them.

“I’ve heard that the Lingyun Sect has encountered some troubles these days.” Nie Li faintly smiled.

“Just some small problems, how could I dare trouble Sect Master Nie?” Ling Kong bitterly smiled.

“Since the Lingyun Sect is a Subsidiary Sect of our Divine Feathers Sect, how can I, Nie Li do nothing and watch?” Nie Li smiled as he patted Ling Kong, “The amount of experts in my Divine Feathers Sect are like clouds in the sky. If I don’t deal with the trouble that our Subsidiary Sect has encountered, how can we convince the masses?”

Nie Li looked at Lu Piao and said, “Lu Piao, bring two Martial Ancestor Realm and five hundred Dao of Dragon Realm pinnacle experts. Deal with the troubles in the Lingyun Sect!”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ling Kong was instantly frightened to the point that his legs softened. Two Martial Ancestor Realm level and five hundred Dao of Dragon Realm pinnacle experts. It was more than enough to deal with the entire Lingyun Sect!

“Sect Master Nie, if there’s any place that I had offended you, please forgive me. My Lingyun Sect……” Ling Kong’s face was pale. He had no knowledge about Nie Li. If Nie Li was a man with a big smile and evil intentions, saying that he’ll deal with the trouble in Lingyun Sect and then suddenly turn hostile, wouldn’t that destroy the entire Lingyun Sect?

This kind of thing was too common in the Draconic Ruins Realm. Therefore, how can Ling Kong not be afraid?

Hearing Ling Kong’s words, Nie Li laughed loudly as he patted Ling Kong’s shoulders, “Young Sect Master Ling doesn’t have to be so nervous. Our Divine Feathers Sect is a righteous sect. How can we commit ourselves to destroying other sects? Just that there are many plans that the Divine Feathers Sect has in the future which requires Young Master Ling’s cooperation.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Definitely.” Ling Kong wiped his forehead, which was drenched in cold sweat.

The current Divine Feathers Sect was way too powerful. So powerful to the degree that others would revere it. Ling Kong was worried that if he wasn’t cautious with his words and made Nie Li upset, the entire Lingyun Sect would be done for.

Nie Li took a glance at Lu Piao as he smiled, “Lu Piao, from today on, you’ll be in charge of anything that’s related to the Lingyun Sect. Lead the entire Lingyun Sect towards the Myriad Dao Peak.”

“Okay!” Lu Piao nodded.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ling Kong felt bitter in his heart. The Myriad Dao Peak was just a few hundred li1 away from the Divine Feathers Sect. It would take two days, at most, to reach it from the Divine Feathers Sect.

Furthermore, when Nie Li spoke, his tone was extremely firm, not bothering about Ling Kong’s thoughts at all. However, seeing Nie Li’s attitude, the moment Lingyun Sect resists, the consequences would be unthinkable.

Nie Li patted Ling Kong’s shoulders as he lightly smiled, “Young Sect Master Ling, we will soon wage war with the Demon God’s Sect. The Lingyun Sect is also an important link. As long as the Lingyun Sect is moved to the Myriad Dao Peak, our Divine Feathers Sect will be able to back it up. This was all done for the Lingyun Sect’s safety.”

“Many thanks, Sect Master Nie.” Although Ling Kong wasn’t willing in his heart, he could only agree to it.

“Okay, Lu Piao, make some preparations to head out with Young Master Ling!” Said Nie Li.

“Okay.” Lu Piao nodded.

Nie Li took a glance at Lu Piao. He focused his voice and transmitted it over to Lu Piao, “Lu Piao, be cautious on this trip. Although the Lingyun Sect would be intimidated by our strength, they are, after all, a group that goes wherever way the wind blows. They’re not worth putting your trust in.”

Lu Piao transmitted his voice back in response, “Then, why did you still want to rope them in and move them to the Myriad Dao Peak?”

Nie Li lightly smiled, “Rest assured. Even a puny person has his own use. As long as our Divine Feathers Sect remains powerful, the Lingyun Sect won’t be able to rebel. I, naturally, have my own plans to move them to the Myriad Dao Peak.”

Lu Piao smiled. Although there were many times where he couldn’t understand the reason behind Nie Li’s actions, he has absolute trust in Nie Li.

Lu Piao looked at Ling Kong as he said in a cold tone, “Let’s go!”

“Yes, Brother Lu, we will head out immediately. Sect Master Nie, we’ll bid our farewell!” Ling Kong cupped his hands towards Nie Li.

A group of people followed behind Lu Piao as they left.

Several underlings of the Lingyun Sect secretly whispered into Ling Kong’s ears.

“Young Sect Master, are we really going to move the Lingyun Sect to the Myriad Dao Peak? Will the Senior Sect Master agree to it? Furthermore, once we move to the Myriad Dao Peak, that would be the same as being completely under the control of the Divine Feathers Sect!” One of the underling said in soft voice.

Ling Kong’s face was solemn with a trace of rage. After a brief moment, he let out a long sigh. He doesn’t have the slightest thought of confronting the current Divine Feathers Sect. With the Divine Feathers Sect’s strength, annihilating the entire Lingyun Sect was easy. How could he not agree to their demands?

“From now on, no one in the Lingyun Sect is allowed to have any conflicts with the Divine Feathers Sect. Those who disobey this order will be killed!” Ling Kong said solemnly.

In the Draconic Ruins Realm, those with power are sovereigns. Provoking the Divine Feathers Sect was no different then seeking their own deaths!

Ling Kong walked and saw a slender and graceful figure walking over. The surrounding scenery instantly lost its vigor compared to her. It was a beautiful girl with exquisite features. She was as beautiful as an angel. Her expression carried traces of cold pride, but that curvaceous figure contained boundless charm.

That girl was Long Yuyin.

The instant Ling Kong saw Long Yuyin, his eyes lit up. However, a brief moment later, they dulled back down and he gave a ninety degree bow. He was extremely cautious as he walked past Long Yuyin.

Ling Kong was indeed, a tactful person. He’s well aware that he wouldn’t be able to deserve Long Yuyin in this lifetime. Before Long Yuyin, he was not worth mentioning.

Long Yuyin faintly threw a glance as him, as though a stranger had walked past. Thereafter, she continued down her path.

Ling Kong silently walked. He did not turn around to look at Long Yuyin’s silhouette. His eyes were filled with depression. Thereafter, he disappointedly smiled, concentrating his line of sight before him and walked.

That day, when he first came to the Divine Feathers Sect saw her for the first time, he was deeply captivated by her. The first daughter of the Dragonseal Family. This identity was something that he could not hope to reach in his entire lifetime. It was just that he still had that trace of dissatisfaction in his heart.

But at this moment, that trace of dissatisfaction was entirely dispersed from his heart.

“Young Sect Master, you’re not going to say hello to Long Yuyin……?” One of his men asked in dissatisfaction.

Ling Kong sighed, “Life is such, since we’re not fated, why bother? All along, it was always one-sided. The greatest failure in life is to fall in love with someone you cannot hope to match. I should have some self-awareness.” Ling Kong remained silent for a brief moment before laughing. He made some big strides up ahead.

The few underlings exchanged glance and fell into silence. After a brief moment, they all followed up as well.

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  1. Chinese measurement. Roughly 500m – 1li


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