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Chapter 444 – Sealed

Six months later

The entire Divine Feathers Sect was as calm as it used to be. Many Deity Root in the surrounding Deity’s Lake had already been taken by Nie Li and placed in his Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Right now, in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, already had an extremely spectacular scenery. The amount of spiritual stones produced every day was already sky high.

Under Nie Li’s manipulation, the Divine Feathers Sect started purchasing all sorts of artifacts, dragon-blooded demon spirits, as well as all sorts of items that could boost the growth of cultivation in the Draconic Ruins Realm.

Nearly all of the merchants within the Draconic Ruins Realm were gathering all sorts of treasures for the Divine Feathers Sect.

In an instant, the Divine Feathers Sect became an extremely mysterious existence. With its sect doors sealed, there were basically no disciples seen. Even the other sects couldn’t obtain any news regarding the Divine Feathers Sect. Batches and batches of treasures were purchased by Divine Feathers Sect and transported into the sect. No one knew why the Divine Feathers Sect wanted to buy those things and, at the same time, they didn’t know how the Divine Feathers Sect was able to gain such a frightening amount of wealth.

In the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, Nie Li brought a group of trusted disciples to cultivate.

Right now, Nie Li’s cultivation had already reached 3-stage Dao of Dragon Realm. Among the disciples that sat down, the amount of disciples that had reached Dao of Dragon Realm amounted to over tens of thousands in numbers. Many of them were already trying their luck at the Martial Ancestor Realm.

The effects from the sacred medicine, along with the rich spiritual energy here, as well as help from all the various treasures and massive amounts of spiritual stones, their cultivation speed became frightening fast.

Compared to Nie Li’s cultivating speed, Yu Yan and Jindan’s was even more shocking. Yu Yan had been insanely absorbing the spiritual energy in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting and, after she underwent three mystical transformations, she had already reach 3-stage of the Martial Ancestor Realm. The surging flames around her made Nie Li gasp in amazement.

Jindan was even more frightening. Heaven knows how much spiritual stone essences that glutton devoured. Its body constantly grew larger and right now, it already possessed a height of five to six meters, a colossus monster. What’s even more frightening was that, as this fella grew larger in size, its appetite also constantly increased.

The Power of Laws in this fella’s body was surging violently, incomprehensible. Even Nie Li didn’t know the exact strength this guy possessed. Its body was a golden colour, filled with scales. Vaguely, there were some similarities with a dragon.

Fortunately, as this guy grew, the bond between it and Nie Li also grew deeper. Therefore, Nie Li didn’t worry about not being able to control it.

Since the Big Five have taken those newly refined sacred medicines from me, I wonder how far their cultivation has advanced? Nie Li pondered inwardly. Within this short period of time, the Big Five were still the pillars of the Divine Feathers Sect, guardians of the sect. Only with their strength increased, could Divine Feathers Sect develop even further.

“Nie Li, Du Ze and Ning’er’s letters!” Lu Piao flew over in excitement.

Taking the letters from Lu Piao, Nie Li opened them and took a look at them. Immediately, the corner of his mouth revealed a gratified smile.
“How are they?” Lu Piao asked in curiosity.

“They’re doing pretty well!” Nie Li smiled.

“That’s for sure. With so many good items and your full support, even I could become the leader of those sects!” Lu Piao flung his mouth to the side.

Nie Li couldn’t help laughing. Recently, Lu Piao was feeling impatient about staying in the Divine Feathers Sect and started to get a little restless, but was suppressed by Nie Li. Lu Piao wanted to take a look at the other sects, but was ordered to remain in the Divine Feathers Sect by Nie Li.
In the letters, Nie Li knew of Ziyun, Ning’er, Du Ze and the rest’s situation. In the Heavenly Note Sect, due to Ziyun’s shocking talent, she had already become the Sect Master’s most prideful disciple. She’s also the best candidate for the next Sect Master’s position. Although Ning’er wasn’t the candidate for Sect Master, she had gathered a group of experts and had become an unmovable and enormous force in the Heavenly Note Sect.
In the Phaseless Sect, although Du Ze did not reveal himself much, he was also in control of a powerful force in secret.

The same goes for the rest.

Just like what Lu Piao had said. The medicine, all sorts of treasures and large amounts of experts that Nie Li had given Ziyun, Ning’er, Du Ze and the rest, with every single one of them being elites among others and extremely intelligent, how could they not be able to stir anything?
Therefore, every single one of them were extremely influential within their own sects.

With the support of his friends, he’d be able to move faster to his target.

“How much long before we’re allowed to go out and reveal our true strength to the outside world?” Lu Piao asked in depression.

Hearing his words, Nie Li lightly smiled and reply, “It won’t be too long. You’d better go and cultivate!”

“Okay then, that’s what you’ve said. The day when Divine Feathers Sect is opened, I want to lead a group of brothers and flaunt our strength to the Demon God’s Sect and those Demonic Sects!” Lu Piao said in excitement.
“Save it, the elders and Sect Masters in those sects are all Martial Ancestor Realm experts.” Nie Li couldn’t help rolling his eye at Lu Piao.

“Rest assured, I’ll be able to try my luck at Martial Ancestor Realm soon!” Lu Piao said in confidence. Truth was, the sacred medicines that was refined by Nie Li were simply too powerful and allowed his strength to rise rapidly. So how would he be far away from Martial Ancestor Realm?

Hearing Lu Piao’s words, Nie Li couldn’t help showing a light smile. Indeed, cultivating to Martial Ancestor Realm wasn’t anything difficult. As long as they were sealed for a year, there would be many Martial Ancestor Realm experts appearing in the Divine Feathers Sect. They, as well, will also step into the Martial Ancestor Realm.
However, Martial Ancestor Realm wasn’t the end point.

Their target was to deal with the Sage Emperor!

If the Demon God’s Sect was destroyed, it might alarm the Sage Emperor!
Recalling the death of his Master, Ying Yueru, Nie Li couldn’t help clenching his fists tightly. The grudges of the previous lifetime, as well as the current lifetime, he will definitely settle them!

While Nie Li and the rest were secluded, a group of people slowly arrived at the gates of the Divine Feathers Sect.
This group of people amounted to over three hundred and, among them, there were dozens of Dao of Dragon Realm experts. The one leading them was a white-clothed male, who was roughly in his twenties. His features were handsome and, although he was a little thin, the demeanor that was given off by him wasn’t something that could be underestimated.

A Dao of Dragon Realm expert landed beside that man as he raised his head, looking at the sealed door of the Divine Feathers Sect and said with a faint smile, “Young Master, this is the door of the Divine Feathers Sect. Should I call out to them?”

“Yan San, it’s still the mid of the year, why is the doors of the Divine Feathers Sect sealed tight?” The white-clothed youth said with his brows slightly furrowed.

“Reporting back to Young Master, I’ve no idea what’s going on with the Divine Feathers Sect. There might probably be some internal turmoil happening within the Sect. The Divine Feathers Sect has already been sealed for six months and there hasn’t been any news from the Divine Feathers Sect at all. According to our guesses, a Martial Ancestor Realm expert might have passed away, which shook the entire foundation of the Sect and therefore, had them seal themselves off!” That Dao of Dragon Realm expert named Yan San reported back as he bowed.

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