TDG Chapter 443 Teaser

The Divine Feather’s Sect’s next few days were occupied by a grand ceremony: the inauguration of the Sect Master.

The Divine Feathers Sect was extremely lively.

However, there were still quite a few disciples who weren’t happy with the fact that Nie Li had become the Sect Master of the Divine Feathers Sect. He was someone who had so little foundation that almost no one had ever heard of him. But he’d abruptly risen to the Sect Master’s seat anyways. Therefore, they still held reservations in their hearts.

On what basis?

Even Situ Beiyan was more suitable than Nie Li.

However, the five Hierarchs had already proclaimed it so. Ordinary elders, deacons, and disciples held no power over those words; therefore, they could only accept the decision and repress their unhappiness. They would wait and see how Nie Li would rule the massive Divine Feathers Sect as Sect Master.

Right after Nie Li ascended to the position of Sect Master, one piece of news rapidly made its way through the Divine Feathers Sect.

Each Divine Feathers Sect disciple was to receive ten spiritual elixirs targeted to their cultivation levels. Taking a single elixir would be enough for them to step into the Heavenly Star Realm. For those above the Heavenly Star Realm, a single elixir would allow them to leap several stages in cultivation.

Aside from that, each Heavenly Axis Realm disciple would receive a Dragon Bloodline Demon Spirit of Extraordinary-level growth rate. As for Dao of Dragon Realm experts, each person would receive a Dragon Bloodline Demon Spirit of God-level growth rate.