TDG Chapter 442 Teaser

That outburst aroused the suspicions of the disciples of the Divine Feathers Sect and they all turned to look at Nie Li. True, his wealth was far beyond reasonable. How could an ordinary Divine Feathers Sect disciple possess such wealth?

If he really does have support from the demon clan, then Nie Li must never ascend up to the Acting Sect Master’s position.

Nie Li lightly smiled. “Long Tianming, what else do you accuse me of? Say all you want!”

Long Tianming was simply a thief crying thief!

Long Tianming knelt towards the five Hierarchs. “Five Lord Hierarchs, for the sake of our Divine Feathers Sect, we cannot hand over the authority of our sect to this person!”

The five Hierarchs were silent at Long Tianming’s words. They only felt humor at Long Tianming’s words.
If Nie Li really was a spy from the demon clan, why would be pay such a huge price for just the Acting Sect Master’s position?