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Chapter 441 – Dao of Dragon Realm Experts

“Whether or not I lose badly… Well, that’s my problem.” Nie Li replied with a light smile.

Soon, Long Tianming’s and Nie Li’s men were lined up on two sides, glaring at each other like tigers stalking their prey.

Long Tianming had many experts on his side, whereas Nie Li stood alone.

“You’re not going to deal with so many experts all by yourself, right?” Long Tianming coldly smiled at Nie Li with contempt. Long Tianming had at least six Dao of Dragon Realm experts under him, in addition to all of his Heavenly Axis Realms. He was definitely in a position to look down on the Demon League!

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Nie Li. No one knew what Nie Li was planning.

Nie Li looked at Long Tianming, sighed, and shook his head. “This isn’t even a challenge. It’s almost like I’m bullying you!”

“What are you talking about?” Long Tianming coldly looked at Nie Li. “You’re simply spewing nonsense! Quick, call your people out! If you want to give up, then you should’ve said so, earlier!”

“Brat, if you want to admit defeat, then do it faster. Don’t waste our time here.”

“Hey, Demon League! Don’t be a cowardly turtle! You better watch out, or else our six Dao of Dragon Realm bosses are going to massacre you so badly, there won’t even be fragments of armour left to pick up!”

Long Tianming’s underlings incessantly hooted.
Suddenly, Nie Li lightly smiled, waved his right hand, shouted back to them, “People of the Demon League, come out!”

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

One figure after another appeared, all collecting in Nie Li’s direction.

Two hundred people gathered by Nie Li’s side.

“With only that many people?” Long Tianming laughed involuntarily.

“These two hundred are enough. If you don’t think so, I can still call out some more!” Nie Li said with a light smile.

The experts of the Divine Feathers Sect all exchanged looks. With so few people, how could the Demon League possibly fight against Long Tianming?

By contrast, the five Martial Ancestor Realm experts exchanged looks of deep shock.

These two hundred or so people had concealed their aura, so that the ordinary disciples couldn’t sense their strengths. However, the five Martial Ancestor Realm experts could clearly sense it. These two hundred people were all Dao of Dragon Realm experts!

Over two hundred Dao of Dragon Realm experts…

Hierarch Martialsky and the other Hierarchs were extremely shocked. Even if you gathered all of the Dao of Dragon Realm experts of the Divine Feathers Sect, they only added up to a little over a hundred. But Nie Li actually had over two hundred Dao of Dragon Realm experts.

Hierarch Linglong couldn’t help laughing. “Haha! This brat is interesting. He actually managed to get two hundred Dao of Dragon Realm experts!”

“Where do you think that kid got so many experts from?”
Hierarch Martialsky remained silent, then said, “He was able to provide us with so many sacred medicines. He might’ve provided some to his subordinates, as well!”

“Sect Master, you’re saying he created these experts with medicines?” Hierarch Dragonblaze blankly questioned.

Hierarch Martialsky nodded. “Correct. Look at these people. Most of them are at 1-stage Dao of Dragon Realm. They have probably only just recently broke through from 9-stage Heavenly Axis Realm!”

“Long Tianming is destined to lose!”
Nie Li waved his hand and solemnly announced, “Those of the Sky Origin Divine Clan, come out!”

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

About a hundred Sky Origin Divine Clan experts appeared at Nie Li’s side. Nie Li didn’t dare to show the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting in a place like this; that’s why he’d summoned these experts a while ago and hid them among the Demon League’s ranks.

The sudden appearance of over a hundred experts was a spectacular sight. The majority of these Sky Origin Divine Clan experts possessed great strength.

“Good heavens! A hundred Sky Origin Divine Clan experts, all at the Dao of Dragon Realm!”

“Oh my god!”
Cries of alarm sounded from these Divine Feathers Sect’s experts. Everyone was too shocked.

Those were over a hundred Dao of Dragon Realm experts!

The five Hierarchs exchanged bitter smiles, but not a single word.

The two hundred Dao of Dragon Realm experts were already astounding enough. But now, there was another hundred. Furthermore, they were all members of the Sky Origin Divine Clan. This was simply too shocking.

“This kid went to the Endless Wilderness to recruit all these Sky Origin Divine Clan experts?”

“I heard that each Sky Origin Divine Clan expert costs an exorbitant sum. Not to mention Dao of Dragon Realm ones. This boy actually recruited over a hundred of them!” Even Hierarch Crimsonblood couldn’t help exclaiming in wonder.

Hierarch Skycloud felt the same, and realised that there were still many things in this world he didn’t understand.

“The reason is simple. Since he had so many elixirs, he probably sold a portion to gain a vast amount of wealth. That’s why he could recruit all these Sky Origin Divine Clan members!” Hierarch Martialsky sighed.

Over three hundred Dao of Dragon Realm experts. This wasn’t a force that could be underestimated!
If Nie Li was allowed to continue growing at this pace, what sort of glorious era would he bring to the Divine Feathers Sect? They simply couldn’t imagine it.

Even if Nie Li had refused to become the Acting Sect Master, the five Hierarchs wouldn’t have stood for it. Because only Nie Li could revive the Divine Feathers Sect!
Long Tianming was seriously winded by the sight.

“He’s cheating! Lord Hierarchs, he’s cheating!” Long Tianming’s voice was urgent.

Nie Li’s brows twitched. “How have I cheated? Could it be that there are rules against Sky Origin Divine Clan experts participating in the competition? They are all my servants. Can they not participate in this competition?”

The Divine Feathers Sect’s experts looked at one another. Nie Li’s words did make sense. What he’d done shouldn’t be considered cheating.

Since these Sky Origin Divine Clan’s experts were all Nie Li’s servants, they should be able to participate in the battle.

Except that the sudden appearance of over a hundred Sky Origin Divine Clan’s experts was simply too unbelievable.
Hierarch Martialsky’s voice resounded. “Nie Li has not cheated by bringing his servants to the battle.”

Everyone in the Divine Feathers Sect heard his voice. Since Hierarch Martialsky declared it so, how could anyone else possibly object?

It was only then that it hit Long Tianming. The five Hierarchs were already on Nie Li’s side. Who knows what methods Nie Li had used!?

However, Long Tianming still wasn’t ready to give up. He’d been planning for this for so long and had sacrificed so much. Just as he was about to ascend to the Acting Sect Master’s position, Nie Li suddenly appeared halfway and wasted all his plans.

“Damn it!” Long Tianming was furious. Then, he thought of something. “Five Hierarchs, show your wisdom! Among the Divine Feathers Sect disciples, who could possibly possess such frightening wealth as to recruit over a hundred Sky Origin Divine Clan experts? He’s definitely being backed by the demon clan. He’s a spy in our Divine Feathers Sect. You cannot let him have the Acting Sect Master’s position! Otherwise, he’ll destroy the future of our Divine Feathers Sect!”

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