TDG Chapter 439 Teaser

Situ Beiyan glanced out at the crowd. He didn’t know why Nie Li wasn’t there.

Could Long Tianming have pulled some underhanded method and rendered Nie Li unable to attend?

Either way, Nie Li’s warning about Long Tianming had raised Situ Beiyan’s vigilance. He definitely wasn’t going to let Long Tianming take the Sect Master’s position of the Divine Feathers Sect.

Situ Beiyan coldly growled. With a wave of his hand, a group of experts whistled through the air and began their probing attacks towards Long Tianming’s men.

“Who do you think will win? Situ Beiyan or Long Tianming?” The crowd of disciples were discussing amongst themselves.

“Of course it’s going to be brother Situ!”

Situ Beiyan was the son of the Sect Master. His forces had always been pressing down on Long Tianming’s; that’s why everyone thought better of Situ Beiyan.
“But Long Tianming isn’t a weak competitor!”