TDG Chapter 435 Teaser

These elixirs alone were enough to buy the Sect Master seat!

Nie Li showed a faint smile. He knew that Hierarch Skycloud would make the right call; Nie Li was the only one who could lead the Divine Feathers Sect to true glory!

“It’ll be a while until the Divine Feathers Sect begins selecting candidates for the Acting Sect Master. Go make some preparations. I don’t know how many of them will support you, but based off of these elixirs, I estimate that you’ll have the support of at least three Martial Ancestor Realm experts. However, you won’t be able to depend on those Martial Ancestor Realms alone; you’ll still need to convince the others with your own strength. Otherwise, you’ll never receive the others’ acknowledgement, even if we somehow managed to place you on the Sect Master’s seat. If things turned out like that, your position as Sect Master would be highly unstable!” Hierarch Skycloud warned with a smile.
“Master can rest assured on this matter. I’ve already set my heart on the Sect Master’s position. If I couldn’t manage such a small task, I wouldn’t be contesting for it.” Nie Li replied with a smile.

Hierarch Skycloud nodded at those words. Indeed, Nie Li had a mysterious origin. However, Hierarch Skycloud wasn’t worried that Nie Li might harbor any ill intents towards the Divine Feathers Sect. If that was the case, Nie Li wouldn’t have given up such a powerful divine medicine.