TDG Chapter 434 Teaser

“My support won’t be enough, unless you can prove that you truly possess the ability to lead the Divine Feathers Sect to glory!” Hierarch Skycloud said.

“I can prove to Master that I possess the ability. However, I request that Master fully support me in return!” Nie Li replied.

“In terms of character, you’re far better than Long Tianming. However, that Situ Beiyan kid isn’t a bad choice, either.” Hierarch Skycloud pondered. “Situ Beiyan is the child of the current Sect Master. Pity he doesn’t have much ambition…”

Situ Beiyan? The name rang a bell to Nie Li. In his previous life, Situ Beiyan had died mysteriously to some unknown plot. After that, Long Tianming took over. All the signs pointed to Long Tianming. Since Situ Beiyan didn’t win against Long Tianming back then, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to let him become the Sect Master in this life.

“This is the elixir that I’ve refined for Master. I believe that Master will be able to understand after you consume this elixir… that I can bring the Divine Feathers Sect to a glory that it’s never seen in a thousand years!” Nie Li confidently said as he passed the elixir to Hierarch Skycloud.