TDG Chapter 431 Teaser

Nie Li never expected this to happen. His eyes widened.

Long Yuyin was like a goddess who’d descended from the Ninth Heaven1. Not a single thread had been left on her body. Her fully and perfect curves radiated such an appeal that it was nearly impossible to look away.

Formidable energy poured into Long Yuyin’s body through her shenmen on her head.

Long Yuyin clenched her teeth and endured the intense pain. She tried her best to open her eyes, only to see such a situation and Nie Li’s gaze. She instantly flushed red. “You…! Stop looking!”

Nie Li smiled and shifted his line of sight. After all, Nie Li had lived two lives. Even though he’d seen all of Long Yuyin, he still remained calm and collected.

  1. In Chinese mythology, there are nine layers to heaven (yes, that’s heaven, not hell, unlike Dante’s Inferno). The Ninth Heaven is considered the most sacred land, where the Jade Emperor (the king of gods) resides.