TDG Chapter 429 Teaser

Emperor Tian Yuan was the ancestor of Sky Origin Divine Clan, the one who’d been killed by the Sage Emperor!

“What if I say that our common enemy is the Sage Emperor?” Nie Li said with a faint smile.

“The Sage Emperor?” Emperor Tian Yuan’s intent carried a smear of bloodlust. “Young man, do you really think I’ll believe that? Given your age, you won’t even be able to touch the surface of the Sage Emperor! If he wanted to kill you, he wouldn’t even need to lift a finger!”

“Does Senior Tian Yuan know of the theory of time-space?” Nie Li smiled.

“Time-space? You’re someone from the Ancient Era? No. If you were from the Ancient Era, there’s no way I wouldn’t know who you are!” Emperor Tian Yuan’s voice carried suspicion.

“What if I said that I’m from one hundred years in the future? Would Senior Tian Yuan be willing to believe that?” Nie Li asked.