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Chapter 426 – Pursuit on the Border

Nie Li passed the day cultivating inside the painting. The Sky Origin Divine Clan experts also began cultivating their respective supreme techniques, as well as the God Array that Nie Li had given them.

Nie Li could sense that he was only a step away from the Heavenly Axis Realm.

Because he was cultivating the Heavenly God technique, his true strength was far beyond his current Heavenly Star Realm. Even an ordinary Heavenly Axis Realm might not be able to match him.

Furthermore, Nie Li was still circulating his fate star around his soul realm, causing his nine fate stars to grow brighter and brighter.

The brighter your fate star glowed during your Heavenly Star phase, the stronger you’d be upon reaching the Heavenly Axis Realm!

With so many Dao of Dragon Realm servants at his beck and call, Nie Li had nothing to worry about, maybe unless it was a Martial Ancestor Realm expert.

The Divine Feathers Sect

A chaotic battle broke out.

Long Yuyin’s Profound Note League originally controlled three Deity’s Lakes. In the area around the Divine Feathers Sect, that was considered a powerful force. However, they were suddenly assaulted by a group of mysterious experts, a few which were even Dao of Dragon Realm experts. Since Long Yuyin was temporarily away, the entire Profound Note League collapsed in an instant. There were tens of thousands of dead and wounded.

The Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues weren’t going to simply sit by and watch. However, they also had many dead and injured from their own battles.

Anyone belonging to the Profound Note, Heavenly Path, or Demon Leagues would be killed the moment they left the Skysoul Institute.

A particular inn in the small town at the edge of the Endless Wilderness

Long Yuyin stood there, quietly. Compared to her past self, her current way of speech and action had a little more of a mature charm. Her curvaceous figure was extremely hot. A servant knelt before her and reported, “Young Miss, our Profound Note League suffered an assault from a mysterious group. We suffered terribly and lost all three Deity’s Lakes!”

“Just what’s going on? Was it Long Tianming?” Long Yuyin asked with her brows furrowed. She didn’t care too much about losing those Deity’s Lakes; they were a trivial matter. Instead, she was more concerned about the identity of those people who’d made the Profound Note League suffer so much so quickly. Of all the people in the Skysoul Institute, the only ones who had that sort of power were probably Long Tianming and Situ Beiyan. Long Yuyin knew that there were no grudges between herself and Situ Beiyan; therefore, the culprit was very likely Long Tianming!

Long Yuyin’s servant said, “Reporting to the Young Miss, we still have yet to confirm! However, Long Tianming’s subordinates aren’t showing any movements. All of his experts are still accounted for!”

“Could it be Situ Beiyan then?” Long Yuyin’s brows furrowed for a brief moment.

The servant respectfully replied, “There haven’t been any movements from Situ Beiyan, either!”

Long Yuyin’s heart was filled with doubt. If it wasn’t Long Tianming or Situ Beiyan, then who was targeting them?

“Young Miss, there’s one thing, but I’m not sure if I should speak?” The servant said with hesitation.

“Just say it!” Long Yuyin said with a glance at the kneeling servant.

“There was a Dao of Dragon Realm expert among those we fought. His cultivation technique seemed to be connected to the Demon God’s Sect!” The servant reported with a crease in his forehead.

“The Demon God’s Sect?” Long Yuyin felt a chill in her heart.

Long Yuyin never thought of that possibility. If it really was the Demon God’s Sect, then things were going to get much more complicated.

“How certain are you that those people were from the Demon God’s Sect?” Long Yuyin followed.

“I’m not absolutely certain.” The servant immediately shook his head and continued, “It was only a vague feeling. There was something wrong with the other party’s aura, but there’s no concrete evidence. But those people are extremely strange in the way that they only target us. They’re also acting really cautious; they seem to be trying to hide something!”

Long Yuyin’s brows were tightly locked. This matter was strange indeed.

After Nie Li left, she and a few servants had chased after him. However, Nie Li had vanished without a trace and they couldn’t find him, no matter how hard they tried. Afterwards, she heard that he’d reappeared in a small town on the border. Her servants followed up hastily.

Long Yuyin pondered for a moment, then issued orders to the servant. “You, go back first. Continue investigating the ins and outs of those people. I’ll return in a few days!”

“Yes!” The servant replied, then left.

A brief moment later, two Dao of Dragon Realm women walked in.

“Young Miss, we’ve obtained information on the Young Master. He’s found a place in one of the small town’s local inns. He’s also been purchasing large numbers of Sky Origin Divine Clan experts, on the order of hundreds!” said one of the women. She was still rather shocked in her heart, as she never imagined that Nie Li would possess such frightening wealth!

That was hundreds of Sky Origin Divine Clan experts with Dao of Dragon Realm cultivations. Furthermore, all of them were absolutely loyal!

Even the legendary Gods Craft Pavilion couldn’t exchange so many spiritual stones for so many Sky Origin Divine Clan experts in such a short period of time!

Truly, the Miss had sharp eyes. If she were to marry the Young Master, it’d definitely be a huge benefit for her campaign to take over the Dragonseal Family.

Long Yuyin showed excitement at the woman’s words, and she anxiously demanded, “Which inn? Take me there, quickly!”

“Yes, Young Miss!” The woman replied.

Suddenly, a powerful aura surged over them.

The complexions of those two women instantly changed.

“Young Miss, be careful!” The two woman shielded Long Yuyin and flew her out.


A massive explosion resounded. The inn where they’d been staying at, only a moment ago, had been instantly turned to ash!

The three figures turned into streaks of light as they flew away.

As the three of them fled, ten figures pursued.

A cold voice pierced the sky. “Stop them, don’t let them escape! Kill the two old ones and leave the small one behind!”

The ten men who were chasing Long Yuyin all wore black and had purposely hidden their faces. Two had strong cultivations and possessed shocking speed; it was clear that they’d soon catch up. Based on how fast they were moving, they were certainly all Dao of Dragon Realm experts!

“Aunt Xie, you guys go ahead!” Long Yuyin said anxiously.

The two women were Dao of Dragon Realm experts. Once a person reached the Dao of Dragon Realm, they absolutely could not afford to die! The moment they died, their souls would disperse and they would cease to exist!

“No! We must take you with us! We promised Madam that we would protect the Young Miss!” One woman said firmly. She knew that their opponents were powerful and more prepared, but they still weren’t going to leave Long Yuyin behind.

“But Aunt Xie…” Long Yuyin’s expression betrayed her anxiousness. These two women were like family to her. How could she bear to watch them die?!

Long Yuyin herself was only a Heavenly Axis Realm; she knew she was a burden. If they insisted on protecting her, then the two of them definitely wouldn’t be able to escape!

But before Long Yuyin could think things through, a berserk palm energy tore through the sky.

“Trying to run? Only if we agree to it! Hmph, hmph! None of you can escape!” That cold voice was like the bite of an ice-cold blade.

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