TDG Chapter 426 Teaser

Nie Li passed the day cultivating inside the painting. The Sky Origin Divine Clan experts also began cultivating their respective supreme techniques, as well as the God Array that Nie Li had given them.

Nie Li could sense that he was only a step away from the Heavenly Axis Realm.

Because he was cultivating the Heavenly God technique, his true strength was far beyond his current Heavenly Star Realm. Even an ordinary Heavenly Axis Realm might not be able to match him.

Furthermore, Nie Li was still circulating his fate star around his soul realm, causing his nine fate stars to grow brighter and brighter.

The brighter your fate star glowed during your Heavenly Star phase, the stronger you’d be upon reaching the Heavenly Axis Realm!

With so many Dao of Dragon Realm servants at his beck and call, Nie Li had nothing to worry about, maybe unless it was a Martial Ancestor Realm expert.