TDG Chapter 425

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Chapter 425 – Supreme Divine Techniques

Nie Li stayed in the Endless Wilderness for an entire seven days. The number of Sky Origin Divine Clan people that he’d purchased had reached three hundred and sixty. Among them were two 5-stage and six 4-stage Dao of Dragon Realm experts. The rest were either 1 or 2-stage.

Even though the original six youths were only 1-stage Dao of Dragon Realms, they each possessed decent talent. They were still young and worth nurturing.

All of the Sky Origin Divine Clan experts completed their master-slave contracts with Nie Li.

In a courtyard in one part of the town

Nie Li flicked his right hand, summoned the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, and sent all of his Sky Origin Divine Clan experts into it.

Even though the Endless Wilderness had such thin Heavenly Energy, many of his Sky Origin Divine Clan experts had still managed to break through to the Dao of Dragon Realm. Now that they’d entered a place abundant in Spiritual Aura, like the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, their cultivations would definitely soar by leaps and bounds.

Every single one of the Sky Origin Divine Clan experts possessed frightening talent. Otherwise, the Sage Emperor wouldn’t have suppressed their entire clan into the Endless Wilderness and laid down such a vicious curse, despite being heavily injured.

The Sky Origin Divine Clan possessed a heaven-blessed aptitude; however, their conditions were too restricted. That’s why their cultivations remained at the Dao of Dragon Realm; only a few ever managed to break through to the Martial Ancestor Realm. However, it’d be a different story inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Nie Li also entered the painting.

When the Sky Origin Divine Clan experts saw Nie Li, they all stood aside in a daze of fear and respect. From this day onwards, Nie Li was their master. If Nie Li wanted them dead, there was nothing they could do to resist.

They were even more restless now that they’d entered the painting and discovered the mysterious world hidden within. Who knew what Nie Li was planning to do in buying so many Sky Origin Divine Clan experts?

The six youths looked at Nie Li with wide eyes.

Each nerve was stretched taut, filled with fear.

Nie Li lightly smiled as he looked to one of the youth and asked, “What’s your name?”

“Reporting to Master, my name is Yun Mie.” The youth replied respectfully. If it hadn’t been for the master-slave contract, he’d never lower his prideful head.

“Yun Mie?” Nie Li walked to the youth’s side and placed his right hand on Yun Mie’s shoulder.

Yun Mie’s body slightly shook, his heart was filled with fear towards Nie Li. After all, he didn’t know what Nie Li was planning to do to him. It was the first time he felt his life and death so clearly in the hands of another.

Nie Li swept his heavenly energy over Yun Mie’s body. Then he spoke, “You possess the Scarlet Cloud Physique of the Sky Origin Divine Clan. You’re suited to cultivate the Flight Feather Divine Technique and the Sky Eroding Divine Technique. Which would you rather cultivate?”

“The Flight Feather Divine Technique? Sky Eroding Divine Technique?” Yun Mie blanked for a moment.

Some of the adult Sky Origin Divine Clan’s experts looked at Nie Li in astonishment.

“Still not thanking Master?”

“The Flight Feather Divine Technique and the Sky Eroding Divine Technique were some of the most powerful cultivation techniques in our Sky Origin Divine Clan. However, both techniques have long been lost!”

“To be able to cultivate any one of those techniques is your enormous fortune!” Those Sky Origin Divine Clan experts said one after the other.

When Yun Mie heard that, he immediately knelt down and said with deep emotion, “Yun Mie doesn’t know. Please, Master, choose for me!”

Nie Li furrowed his brows for a moment, then said, “Cultivate in the Sky Eroding Divine Technique, then!” He then brought out a scroll and made a complete copy of the Sky Eroding Divine Technique.

“You, you, and you…” Nie Li checked each one’s physique and said to some of them, “You’re suitable to train in the Sky Eroding Divine Technique!”

The Sky Origin Divine Clan originally had a total of thirty-six powerful cultivation techniques, each according to different physiques. Unfortunately, those divine techniques had either been lost or badly damaged since long ago. However, Nie Li possessed complete copies of each, which he imparted to every single one of the Sky Origin Divine Clan experts.

Nie Li spent an entire day completing that task.

“Master, there’s something I don’t understand. I wonder if I should ask?” One of the adult Sky Origin Divine Clan experts approached Nie Li. He was one of the two 5-stage Dao of Dragon Realms, Xuan Yu.

“Ask what you do not understand!” Nie Li said with a light smile. It’d be weird if no one asked.

“Over those endlessly long years, our Sky Origin Divine Clan lost our previous glory. All kinds of divine techniques were lost. Many thanks to Master for allowing us, the younger generations of the Sky Origin Divine Clan, to be able to see our ancestors’ divine techniques. However, I find it strange. How did Master come to posses these divine techniques of our Sky Origin Divine Clan?” Xuan Yu asked respectfully.

“About this…” Nie Li looked into the distance and calmly replied, “You don’t need to know. You only need to know that I have a special relationship with the Sky Origin Divine Clan. I will not make things difficult for you guys in the future!”

What Nie Li had said wasn’t false. In his previous life, during his battle with the Sage Emperor, Nie Li had indeed received help from the Sky Origin Divine Clan. Except the entire clan ended up being annihilated by the Sage Emperor in the end. Not even a newly born infant was left alive.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Xuan Yu knelt down and said solemnly, “Master has given us a chance to witness these divine techniques once again. We’re endlessly grateful. As long as Master gives an order, we will definitely do our best. Even if our bodies are torn and our bones are crushed, nothing can stop us!”

If before they served Nie Li because of the master-slave contract, they now served him with sincerity. The Sky Origin Divine Clan was a clan of simple people who lived in the barren wilderness, deeply grateful to any small favor received.

Their lives had been in Nie Li’s hands since the beginning. One could’ve called Nie Li a kind master, even if all he’d done was refrain from using force and torture. Not to mention that Nie Li had imparted their clan’s long-lost divine techniques unto them?

“Aside from teaching you long-lost cultivation techniques, I’ll also give you your clan’s long-lost combat array, the Sky Origin God Array. It requires people who’ve cultivated the different divine techniques. The array is split into three cai, six he, eight huang, ten jue and thirty six sha changes. If three people use it together, it can unleash a fighting strength of five-folds. Six people together, it can unleash ten-fold fighting strength. The analogy follows. There is very little of this array actually recorded in the ancient records of your Sky Origin Divine Clan!” Nie Li said as he looked at these Sky Origin Divine Clan’s experts.

“Sky Origin God Array?” The surrounding clansman of the Sky Origin Divine Clan all looked at Nie Li in doubt. They’d never heard of such a combat array before.

“The Sky Origin Divine Clan people who practice the supreme techniques are only few in number. This combat array can only be unleashed by a few who’ve practiced the varieties of the supreme techniques. It’s not strange that you’ve never heard of this Sky Origin God Array before!”

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        1. I think that’s a mixed up fact, cultivator in TDG didn’t have photogenic memory because some of the alchemist are also a cultivator but same as ISSTH they can’t remember everything and I think in TDG terms they should be either Demon Spiritualist or Fighter. If I’m correct only cultivator in Desolate Era have that kind of memories.

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