TDG Chapter 422 Teaser

Perhaps because of how intense the sunlight was in the Endless Wilderness, clansmen of the Sky Origin Divine Clan had tanned black skin. They had mysterious tattoos on their bodies and along with their exceptionally long limbs, it was easy to recognize them.

At this moment, a group of Sky Origin Divine Clan’s clansmen was having an intense argument with a luxuriously dressed merchant.

The amount of people looking at the commotion increased in numbers, but the majority of them coldly looked from the sidelines.

Nie Li stood among this group of people and could clearly hear their argument.

The two clansmen of the Sky Origin Divine Clan that stood in the front were roughly in their forties to fifties. They were flushed with anger and their eyes were as round as a ball. Behind them was a bunch of Sky Origin Divine Clan youngsters. They were roughly 16-17 years old, with dull and desolate eyes.