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Chapter 420 – A wicked person will be bedeviled by someone of the same kind

Long Yuyin looked at Nie Li with a slightly bitter expression.

Gu Bei, Lu Piao and Li Xingyun couldn’t help finding it a little funny. Thinking back to when Long Yuyin and Nie Li were incompatible like fire and water, they never thought that Long Yuyin would be so obedient right now.

Although Long Yuyin appeared strong on the outside, she’s actually soft on the inside.

On this point, Long Yuyin should be the same as her mother. A woman that has lost her husband, no matter how strong she was, it’s just on the outside. The objective of Long Yuyin’s mother right now was to push Long Yuyin onto the Patriarch’s seat of the Dragonseal Family. Who knows how much force Long Yuyin’s mother has been managing?

One can be certain about, is that the forces which Long Yuyin’s mother had been managing definitely weren’t simple.
The Long Yuyin-mother duo would be able to more or less keep Long Tianming under control!

Although the forces held by the daughter-mother team might not be able to rival with Long Tianming, at least it could prevent him from going up to the Patriarch position of the Dragonseal Family for a short period of time.

Now that he’s, Nie Li definitely won’t allow Long Tianming to achieve what he wants so easily.

Xiao Yu had been focused in her cultivation. Therefore, Nie Li left her, Yu Yan and Jindan inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.
“I’ll be leaving first!” Nie Li said towards the other three and then gave a glance at Long Yuyin.

Long Yuyin pouted but said nothing.

Nie Li couldn’t help smiling before he leaped and left.

Nie Li quickly changed his appearance. Therefore, Li Yufeng’s men shouldn’t be able to catch him at the entrance of the Skysoul Institute.
After Nie Li had come out from the Skysoul Institute, he realised that Li Yufeng’s men were everywhere outside of the Skysoul Institute, interrogating others.

Several Heavenly Axis Realm experts stood at the entrance of Skysoul Institute with fierce expressions, which caused the students that came out to shudder in fright, fearing that they would be targeted.

“You, over there, stop!” A Heavenly Axis Realm expert blocked Nie Li and stared at him fiercely. “Why haven’t I seen you before?”

Nie Li faked being frightened and said respectfully, “You must be joking, brother. There are so many students within the Skysoul Institute, how could you know all of them?”
“What did you say?” The Heavenly Axis Realm expert stared at him as if he’s about to take actions against Nie Li.

“Brother, can I have a word with you privately?” Nie Li spoke softly.

“Hmph!” The Heavenly Axis Realm expert coldly snorted and walk with Nie Li to the side.
Nie Li took out dozens of spiritual stones and pushed them into the hands of the Heavenly Axis Realm expert. “This is just a small token, please accept them. I’m on a trip to handle something for Lord Venerable Flameless, please let me off!”

A surge of Heavenly Energy revolved on his palm as a powerful aura flashed.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, the Heavenly Axis Realm expert was slightly dazed. He had just thought of Nie Li to be a Heavenly Star Realm expert. He never expected him to be a Heavenly Axis Realm expert that wasn’t inferior to himself.
The power that Nie Li was concealing was definitely not simple!
The Heavenly Axis Realm expert thought for a brief moment, then nodded and kept the dozens of spiritual stones secretly. “Since you’re someone from Venerable Flameless’s side, then go!”

“Many thanks!” Nie Li slightly cupped his hands.

The Heavenly Axis Realm expert turned around and waved his hand as he told the others, “Let him pass!”

When Nie Li’s head was lowered, a brilliant light flashed through his eyes. He had noticed some details. These Heavenly Axis Realm experts have all changed their looks and the aura coming from them was obviously the cultivation technique practiced by the Dragonseal Family.

Indeed, as he had guessed. There’s a high possibility that these people were Long Tianming’s men.

Although he had no idea when Li Yufeng and Long Tianming started working together, he can be certain that they’ve been cooperating for a long time. As for the matter about Gu Lan being poisoned, it’s definitely related to Long Tianming!

Gu Heng was locked up, which was equivalent to Long Tianming losing an arm. He never thought that Long Tianming would be in such a rush to push Li Yufeng onto the stage.

Comparing the two, Li Yufeng was more troublesome than Gu Heng.

There were differences in Li Yufeng and Gu Heng. Gu Heng just had several elders standing on his side. In the Gu Clan, there’s still the grand elder, which had stood by Gu Lan’s side originally. It’s just that he turned to Gu Heng without any other choices after Gu Lan was poisoned. As for Li Yufeng, he’s the son of the Patriarch of the Ashen Flames Family. Although Li Yufeng’s talent and power of rallying supporters was far inferior compared to Li Xingyun, he was still able to get the first-in-line successor position.

Unless they push Li Yufeng’s father down from the Patriarch position of the Ashen Flames Family or Li Yufeng did something that even the Divine Feathers Sect can’t tolerate, it won’t be possible to make Li Yufeng lose his successor position in the Ashen Flames Family!

With Long Tianming choosing to push Li Yufeng up to the frontline to fight with the Demon League and Heavenly Path League, it can be said that he’d be free of worries! No matter how powerful the Demon League and Heavenly Path Leagues were, it’s impossible for them to suppress Li Yufeng. If Li Yufeng suffered a setback, his father would definitely take action!

Long Tianming truly was hard to deal with! With just Long Tianming hiding behind the scenes, it’s hard to guard against him.

Nie Li’s figure flew and disappeared into the horizon.

After a brief moment, a tender and charming figure flew over. It was Long Yuyin. She gave a glimpse towards the sky as a trace of a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth. Before Nie Li left, she had placed with her Soul Pursuing Fragrance on him. No matter how far Nie Li went, she would still be able to track him down!
“Halt!” A group of Heavenly Axis Realm experts surrounded her and blocked her path.

This group of Heavenly Axis Realm experts had a fierce expression on their faces. However, when they took a clear look at who it was, they hesitated.

Long Yuyin’s expression turned stiff as an expression of loathing appeared on her face, “You dare to block my way, blind trash!?”

When Long Yuyin’s words landed, two women appeared to her side and, with a move of their hands and feet, the group Heavenly Axis Realm experts issued a miserable shriek and were in a pitiful state.
These two woman were actually Dao of Dragon Realm experts!

The students of the Skysoul Institute all felt their scalps tingling and felt refeshed within their hearts. The group of Li Yufeng’s underlings were simply lawless. It’s only a pity that they met someone even fiercer. They could easily recognise that the person that had just come out was Long Yuyin!

This was someone that had even crippled her fiancé!

Indeed, a wicked person will be bedeviled by someone of the same kind!
Li Yufeng’s underlings actually dared to block Long Yuyin, they’re simple seeking death.

“Young Missy, young master 1 went this way!” One of the woman pointed towards the distance.

“Okay.” Long Yuyin’s face was slightly turning red. She’s unwilling to address Nie Li that way, but her mother seemed to have said something to those two women. Although she’s a little bashful, she had also agreed to that form of address.

Long Yuyin’s group of three flew towards Nie Li’s direction.

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  1. This “young master” is slightly different from the usual young master, this one meant the husband of the young missy which is Long Yuyin.


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