TDG Chapter 420 Teaser

Long Yuyin looked at Nie Li with a slightly bitter expression.

Gu Bei, Lu Piao and Li Xingyun couldn’t help finding it a little funny. Thinking back to when Long Yuyin and Nie Li were incompatible like fire and water, they never thought that Long Yuyin would be so obedient right now.

Although Long Yuyin appeared strong on the outside, she’s actually soft on the inside.

On this point, Long Yuyin should be the same as her mother. A woman that has lost her husband, no matter how strong she was, it’s just on the outside. The objective of Long Yuyin’s mother right now was to push Long Yuyin onto the Patriarch’s seat of the Dragonseal Family. Who knows how much force Long Yuyin’s mother has been managing?

One can be certain about, is that the forces which Long Yuyin’s mother had been managing definitely weren’t simple.
The Long Yuyin-mother duo would be able to more or less keep Long Tianming under control!