TDG Chapter 414 Teaser

The Eighth Elder spoke solemnly. “It’s true that Gu Bei has gone too far in destroying the Deity’s Lakes.”

The corner of Gu Heng’s mouth slightly rose at those words. The Eighth Elder had always been one of his supports.

“However!” The course of Gu Bai’s speech suddenly changed, “There’s a reason he’s done so. A reason that I believe the elders of the Gu Clan are well aware of. We’ve observed Gu Heng’s actions for years. Conflicts, naturally, have their own endings. I have always stood by Gu Heng, but today, even I cannot stand with him!”

Everyone was dumbfounded by Gu Bai’s words.

Gu Bai had a close relationship with Gu Heng — the entire clan knew that. Gu Bai was definitely one of the few elders who’d join hands to impeach Gu Bei. So why’d he change directions so suddenly?