TDG Chapter 413 Teaser

Nie Li was still a little disoriented by the disturbance in time.

While sitting down at his bitter cultivation, time had flashed by in the blink of an eye. But twenty years was still a long time. Nie Li felt like he’d been pulled back to reality from a long dream.

Under ordinary circumstances, simply sitting and cultivating would make for extremely slow results — much slower than the usual methods. And if you were standing on the verge of a huge breakthrough, then cultivating that way would simply be an exercise in futility.

He wasn’t far from the Heavenly Axis Realm. All he needed was an opportunity to make the breakthrough!

Nie Li consolidated his own cultivation while smiling to Xiao Yu, “I just entered a miraculous state! That’s how I raised my cultivation raised so quickly!”

“Have I disrupted you?” Xiao Yu said apologetically, since she’d called out to Nie Li several times.

Nie Li waved his hand. “It’s fine!”