TDG Chapter 412 Teaser

The elder’s gaze fell on Long Tianming as he noncommittally replied, “Oh? So that’s the case.”

Long Tianming changed the topic, “I harvested quite a few spiritual stones this time, just enough to expand my forces. I sent quite a few Heavenly Axis Realm experts to Gu Heng earlier, but even still, he couldn’t accomplish it. But regardless, we can’t allow Gu Bei’s Demon League to grow any stronger. I must obtain the Sect Master position!”

The grey-robed elder responded in a cold voice, “I will help you ascend to the Sect Master’s position. But don’t forget what you’ve promised me!”

“I definitely won’t!” Long Tianming smiled.

While Gu Bei and co. were busy dealing with Gu Heng, they were completely unaware that someone already had their eyes on them.

Within the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting

Nie Li was still focusing on his cultivation. The violent and vigorous Heavenly Energy continued to rush into his soul realm.