TDG Chapter 411 Teaser

Nie Li devoured the area’s Heavenly Energy like a strange mythological beast.

The weather within the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting turned unstable.

Xiao Yu sensed the alarming fluctuations in Heavenly Energy and was deeply shocked. Nie Li’s cultivation progress was indeed amazing. It was hard for her to imagine just how high his cultivation might reach.

But she didn’t want to be left in the dust, so she shut her eyes and began her own cultivation. Within her mind, a distant voice sounded.

Guided by the voice, her consciousness gradually faded into a sleep-like state.

Time slowly flowed on within the painting.

Gu Clan

Eighth Elder, Gu Bai’s secret chamber

Gu Bei smiled to the elder. “Eighth Uncle, I’d like to hear your opinion on the things I’ve discussed with you. I’ve heard that Gu Heng has been treating you so-so, and that the only ones he relies more on are the third and sixth uncles!”