TDG Chapter 409 Teaser

A few minutes later, Hierarch Blacknether’s intent swept over the vast earth. He quickly found Yan Yang, who was in the process of flying away.

A powerful aura locked onto Yan Yang.

“I why Hierarch Blacknether has decided to catch up?” Yan Yang cupped his hands. Things were going exactly as Nie Li had predicted. Nie Li had also asked him to delay Hierarch Blacknether for as long as possible.

Hierarch Blacknether coldly snorted at him. “Yan Yang, did you take any treasures with you from the palace? If you hand them over right now, I won’t kill you. But if you insist on being stubborn, then… you already know the outcome!”

Yan Yang gave a slight bow at Hierarch Blacknether’s words. “I don’t quite understand, Hierarch Blacknether. I’ve already given you everything. I have nothing else with me!”

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  1. Every time I read this short super interesting novel I click next hoping there was more to notice that my hopes(cocaine) are shattered and blowing in the wind til another time.

    Thanks for the chapter and hard work this is some good stuff 😀

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