TDG Chapter 408 Teaser

Exit of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace

A group of people were being questioned by the Demon God Sect’s experts. Once in a while, a human clan would conflict with a member of the Demon God Sect and get themselves killed.

Hierarch Blacknether had just suffered a setback from the Void Illusionary Divine Palace and was all the more furious. His subordinates were also running unrestrained. The slightest unwillingness to cooperate meant someone was going to be killed. Since they had Hierarch Blacknether backing them, what was there to fear?

Nie Li glanced into the distance, towards Hierarch Blacknether. With the presence of a Martial Ancestor Realm expert, escaping wasn’t going to be easy, even with Yan Yang’s help.

What should he do?

Nie Li’s brain started turning for ideas.

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        1. True. But knowing him, he probably has a way to suppress the aura. Once he has, he THEN can pretend to be a poor heaven something with only one golden essence. Except that he’s in Yan Yang’s company… Hmm. I see the challenge. Maybe use Yan Yang’s influence to side step a few things while seriously pissing off the Martial Ancestor, but using words to keep his hands tied?

          1. One thing i’m sure is that Nie Lie will get out of this palace, with all his treasures, play a little with the Martial Ancestor and become even more bad ass with this new toys =)

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