TDG Chapter 407 Teaser

When they saw the scene before them, those who were still planning to bluff their way out began trembling in fear.

If they wanted to leave, then the only way was to obediently hand over their treasures!

Wu Yazi flew around with furrowed brows, searching for Nie Li and Xiao Yu. This Hierarch Blacknether was being extremely difficult. Of all the people in the Demon God’s Sect, he was the one who Wu Yazi wanted to encounter the least. This thought lowered his spirits. Even if he managed to kill Nie Li and take his treasures, those treasures would probably end up in Hierarch Blacknether’s hands.

He’d even have to give up all the treasures he’d obtained for himself!

So in the end, he’d have to return empty-handed, having gained nothing?

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  1. Aw. Well, think of the bright side, at least you’ve gotten some learning experience from this trip and no one will take that away from you. So, don’t say you’ve gained nothing.

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