TDG Chapter 404 Teaser

Wu Yazi looked around. Xiao Yu was missing. Even his corpse was missing.

Wu Yazi wandered around and found himself back to where he started. He couldn’t even find an exit.

In the depths of the stone array

Xiao Yu got a scare when someone suddenly pulled her away. She tried to cry out, but a hand covered her mouth and a pair of arms embraced her tightly.

“Don’t make a sound!” Nie Li transmitted his voice. Wu Yazi was trapped in the array. If he heard Xiao Yu yell, he’d find them.

Xiao Yu’s heart relaxed when she heard Nie Li’s voice. However, her face turned red at their ambiguous posture. Nie Li had already taken advantage of her several times. Even though they were last resort situations, Nie Li didn’t have a conscience in the way he couldn’t keep his distance.