TDG Chapter 403 Teaser

The stone array revolved in a mysterious way that left its victims trapped and helpless.

Nie Li saw that the Holy Son Li Huo was seated and cultivating, so he turned his back to Li Huo and sat down as well. The corner of Nie Li’s mouth twitched as he concentrated his voice into a strand and transmitted it to Yan Yang. “Senior Brother Yan Yang, I never expected us to meet again so soon.”

Yan Yang tightened his brows at the unexpected voice. Suddenly, he understood. He’d been suspecting Nie Li’s identity for a while, but now he was certain. Nie Li had disguised himself as a demon! Yan Yang never expected Nie Li’s disguise to be so perfect that even he, himself, couldn’t see through it.

Yan Yang’s mouth didn’t move at all as he concentrated his voice and transmitted it back to Nie Li’s ears.

Yan Yang was frank with his words. “You’re transmitting your voice because you need my help, isn’t that right? Speak. What should I do? I owe you a favor from before, and you want it returned right now. Is that right?”