TDG Chapter 399 Teaser

A freezing chill flashed through the Holy Son Li Huo’s eyes as he stared at the Holy Son Yan Yang. “I don’t want to cause any trouble today. Yan Yang, I’ll let you take your men and leave. Otherwise, you and your men will leave your corpses right here!”

Yan Yang’s brows twitched as his fighting spirit rose. “Holy Son Li Huo, I may not be as strong, but disciples of the Skyblaze Sect will never fear! If you choose peace, then we’ll let it be. But if you want war, then the disciples of the Skyblaze Sect will gladly accompany you!”

The Holy Son Li Huo coldly snorted. “Hmph! Let’s see just how capable your Skyblaze Sect is!”

A majestic aura surged towards Yan Yang.

Yan Yang growled and his body rapidly transformed into a massive Gold Horned Dragon Beast. His entire body was covered in golden scales that reflected a chilling might.