TDG Chapter 396 Teaser

Ancestral Master Daozang sighed and spoke no more.

It was impossible for him to persuade Nie Li. And what Nie Li said did make sense as well.

The problem was, the current situation of the universe couldn’t be explained in two or three sentences.

Nie Li stared into the void and firmly announced, “I can break the seal on time and space even without his help!”

Nie Li didn’t care whether the Demon Lord had inherited Ancestral Master Daozang’s legacy. He’d still kill the Demon Lord and avenge Ye Zong!

Since the Demon Lord was one of the reincarnations, the plan to search for the six reincarnations was no longer possible. Only the Temporal Demon Spirit Book could aid him now. However, Nie Li didn’t know where the book was anymore.