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Chapter 395 – Reincarnation

Ancestral Master Daozang’s voice drifted. “I am only a remnant of intent left behind inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. Like the others, I also have a reincarnation. However, I do not know where my reincarnation is, at this moment.”

How would it be easy to find the reincarnations of six people?

If Nie Li couldn’t break the Sage Emperor’s seal on time and space, then he wouldn’t be able to kill the Sage Emperor. Nie Li felt even more pressured.

After all, the Sage Emperor had controlled this space-time for tens of millions of years already. No matter how Nie Li tried to plan things out, destroying the Sage Emperor’s law was still a momentous task. However, his chances would increase if he could find those six reincarnations.

After all, those six were supreme experts from ancient times. Even though they were reincarnations, they’d still possess frightening bloodlines.

Nie Li asked, “Is there no other way to challenge the Sage Emperor?”

Ancestral Master Daozang pondered a little, then replied, “There are other methods. If you could find a supreme treasure…”

“Supreme treasure? What supreme treasure?” Nie Li’s heart skipped a beat.

Ancestral Master Daozang reminisced. “Back in the primordial times, when the six of us fought the Sage Emperor, we’d only recently stepped into the Deity rank. However, an absolute expert suddenly descended to this realm. He’d escaped from a huge battle and was grievously injured, on the verge of death. He brought a mysterious book with him, which contained boundless energy and could control time and space.”

Nie Li’s heart shook at Ancestral Master’s words. A book that could control time and space? Was Ancestral Master Daozang talking about the Temporal Demon Spirit Book?

“What happened next?” Nie Li couldn’t help asking.

The Demon Lord also listened attentively, in silence.

“That absolute expert tried to steal our soul essences to treat his wounds. Naturally, we counterattacked. The seven of us fought as one and finally defeated him. However, before he died, he tore the mysterious book to shreds. Some of the pages streaked across the sky and disappeared from our reaches. Only eight remained in our hands, which we divided amongst ourselves.” Ancestral Master Daozang calmly explained.

A book that could streak across the sky. Nie Li was certain that Ancestral Master Daozang was speaking of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.

However, Nie Li didn’t know where the book was, either.

“What became of the remaining eight pages?”

“Three of them are the hands of the Sage Emperor. One is here, inside the Void Illusionary Divine Palace. As for the remaining four, I do not know. However, the Sage Emperor’s ability to seal space-time must be thanks to the pages in his hands. He must have comprehended the power of space-time from them.”

Nie Li’s heart shook. He had two of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book’s pages.

Nie Li pondered briefly, then said, “Ancestral Master Daozang, would you be willing to bestow your page to me?”

The Demon Lord also spoke up. “Lord Master, would you pass it to me?”

Now that the Demon Lord was Ancestral Master Daozang’s disciple, he definitely couldn’t let such a treasure fall into someone else’s hands.

Ancestral Master Daozang said to the Demon Lord, “You’ve already inherited my legacy. Besides, the remaining page is an extremely dangerous item. Even if you had it, you wouldn’t be able to comprehend its power of space-time. It could also implicate with karma easily.”

The Demon Lord fell silent. He understood that the words of supreme experts like Ancestral Master Daozang held enormous weight and they would not go back on the words that they have said. Therefore, the Demon Lord could only give up.

Ancestral Master Daozang’s intent then turned to Nie Li. “I can give you the page, if you provide sufficient evidence to persuade me. However, the page will only attract trouble for you without giving you benefits. Are you certain you want it?”

Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “I already have two of the other pages…”

The intent seemed to be dazed. He clearly hadn’t expected Nie Li to already have two of the other pages.

“In that case, I might as well give you the third. But you must be cautious. Do not let yourself be caught by the Sage Emperor!” As long as Nie Li held the remnant pages, he would be pursued. There would be no difference whether he had two or three.

The Demon Lord looked at Nie Li in astonishment.

A single piece of paper slowly drifted down and landed before Nie Li.

Nie Li reached out, grabbed it, and stored it away.

The Demon Lord didn’t get the remnant page, but he didn’t mind it too much. As Nie Li received the page, the Demon Lord received a cultivation technique. The details slowly seeped into his mind as Nie Li stored away the piece of paper. It was an extremely powerful technique that surpassed his imagination. If he could successfully cultivate it, he’d definitely be able to surpass the Martial Ancestor Realm within a short amount of time.

“Many thanks, Master!”

The Demon Lord cupped his hands towards the void.

Nie Li clenched his fists until veins popped from his arms. The Demon Lord had inherited Ancestral Master Daozang’s legacy. He’d be much harder to deal with in the future.

The Demon Lord sat down and his figure gradually faded away.

Nie Li knew that the Demon Lord had entered the Void Illusionary Divine Palace’s secret location to cultivate.

He remained silent. He wasn’t happy with how things had played out, but there was nothing he could do. The Demon Lord had obtained Ancestral Master Daozang’s legacy. It’d be much harder to avenge Ye Zong, but he definitely wouldn’t give up!

Ancestral Master Daozang’s intent returned to Nie Li and lightly asked, “Are you curious as to why I accepted him as a disciple?”

“Yes.” Nie Li nodded. Ancestral Master Daozang is someone that possessed vast knowledge. Why would he choose to pass his legacy to the Demon Lord? The Demon Lord never hesitated to achieve power by fair means or foul, and even used the Spiritual Constellation Technique and sacrificed countless lives.

“In the vast Dao of heaven and earth, life and death are nothing more than a brief experience.” Ancestral Master Daozang sighed. “Even a pinnacle expert cannot escape death.”

Nie Li’s brows twitched. “Then from Ancestral Master’s point of view, were those people fated as sacrifices to the Spiritual Constellation Technique?” He definitely wouldn’t agree to that view: that the lives of other people are no more than grass.

“That is correct. Life and death are old news. But there’s no need for us to argue over this!” Ancestral Master Daozang seemed to shake his head and he continued, “I know that you have grand motives. But If you wish to defeat the Sage Emperor, then you must seek my disciple’s help, for he is one of the six reincarnations you are seeking!”

Nie Li’s eyes widened. He never expected the Demon Lord to be one of the six.

Then… Nie Li had to cooperate with the Demon Lord if he wanted to defeat the Sage Emperor?

A chilling ray of light flashed through Nie Li’s eyes. “I definitely won’t work with him! Cooperating with the Demon Lord is impossible!”

Ancestral Master Daozang sighed. “Your grudge is only personal. The matter of the Sage Emperor concerns all lives between heaven and earth. Can you not put aside your differences for their sake?”

“Absolutely not!” Nie Li replied. “The Demon Lord and the Sage Emperor are the same! They’re both scum who walk over lives like grass!”

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  1. I know how this plays out. Sage emperor finds demon lord when he steps into heavenly axis realm. Demon lord uses nie li and his 3 pages as a bait to escape from sage emperor. Seriously if my assumption is correct, I would be disappointed with the author. Also does the author have any plans on continuing this series?

      1. I am not sure about the other series, I seen a few different ones he has written but i never read them or looked into them.

        Although this novel in particular has 442 chapters out currently, he releases about 1-2 chapters month. 442 was released at the beginning of August so one should be due soon if not at least at the beginning of next month. These are not translated to proper English yet but you can find them on the internet and read them with google translations however it’s rather difficult to make out. I’ve read them and understood some of it and am now reading the proper translations of them here.

        As for if this story will continue going it’s hard to say, it all depends on if the sales and popularity stay positive. I seen a lot of people think negativity about this series… I like it despite somethings but hey not everything is made to suit my likes. I’d like to see this continue out until the proper end of the story meaning after every possible angle has been explored.

        1. people think negatively about this series was because the author himself. He is not committed to his works at all. He likes to start new novel but he never finished it, just look at his other works.

      1. I was thinking the same thing. Nei Li was probably that “absolute expert” with the book.

        I don’t know that there is any connection to the deity beasts though, because there are 7 total reincarnations, 6 others besides Daozang.

        Then again, the pages were already torn out of the book in Nei Li’s previous life.

      2. and what I’m thinking right now is, whether Nie Li was the one who caused havoc in previous timeline and the sage emperor was actually want to stop him from doing so.

      3. Nie Li is just like Neo from Matrix. Inside the system (time-space controlled by Sage Emperor), he is the anomaly that keeps respawning from time to time. The last time it happened, the six Ancestral guys were fighting against the Sage Emperor, and Nie Li torn the pages.

        After that, came his previous life before the rewind. This time, he found the book (that was missing the 8 pages) and, we dont know why, the six Ancestral beings were on the Sage Emperor’s side, not against him! The question is: were the six transformed in beasts? why? What happened? Was it the Demon Lord (after all, in the previous life Nie Li took another path, so he didnt encounter the Demon Lord nor didnt know what the latter was doing)?

        Anyway, this novel was already dropped by the author, so theres no point in speculating.

    1. I don’t think so. Ancesltral Master Daozang was lived million years ago and Nie Li fought Sage Emperor only like a few hundred years after Glory City’s destroyed in his past life. So it’s seems impossible for that expert to be Nie Li who had fought Sage Emperor and his Deity Beasts in his past life. But after all this is only an opinion, everything’s out of people expectation and even the author seems stuck out of idea for this series. I don’t even know if this series gonna continue or not… -____-

  2. This Daozang dude is freaking retarded…
    He makes up random bs about being the chosen one along with his six friends
    Then he goes “killing people doesnt matter”, then why the hell does he think the sage emperor is a problem?
    All he is doing is killing people after all
    Complete jackass, just like Nie Li’s retarded master who goes “no action is the best type of action!”

    1. Yeah I’m really sad how badly this work is falling apart. It started off so well and was building itself up splendidly.

      But I feel like the author god bored and started searching for ways to spice the story up and just started throwing random crap in and seeing how he liked it.

      Like this nonsense development with the Demon Lord. I think he wanted to throw a brooding anti hero type into the story somehow but felt black dragon boy was too nobel and obedient to Nie Li for that so he decided to turn the Demon Lord into one.

      Which is why he had to throw in this hypocritical “yeah he sacrifices innocent people for even the smallest reason and happily crushes lives like they mean nothing … but it’s okay because in the grand picture of the universe his actions are fairly insignificant so we can over look it”.

      I mean at least Nie Li’s master’s ideals had a point. Nie Li was someone too obessesed with revenge and needed to learn to let go and focus more on what’s important.

      But letting go of revenge isn’t the same as just acting like someone never did anything wrong. Letting go of revenge is just supossed to mean you stop acting based off of emotions and do only what needs to be done. But again that DOESN’T mean working with a murder and pretending him murdering your father in law was okay. In the context of the demon lord letting go of revenge would mean making him pay objectively for his crimes and stopping him from committing more rather than torturing him to death so that he suffers like his victims did.

      1. I don’t think you should blame the author for that. At least not the part of killing being insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Cause in a way it is. With things like reincarnation life and death lose a lot of meaning, so killing might not be okay but not unforgivable.

        It’s best to not think of the author unless things truly get out of hand. Like the bullshit with the demon Lord. That is all the author’s fault.

        Plus it is true it’s only a personal grievance. A really small matter compared to the lives that are under the sage emperor’s thumb. Thwtaster wants the two to work together to save pretty much everyone. So of course he should encourage them to put aside their hate. Well, encourage nie lie to anyway

        1. The reason I have a problem with the “death isn’t significant” is because it’s clearly being used as a cheap excuse to re purpose the demon lord. While the idea of letting go of hatred was brought up by the MC’s master it was never implied you had to go so far as to act like their crimes never happened it was just she wanted him to stop devoting his life to revenge.

          The theme of death being insignificant can be a fine message but it’s used so hypocritically here. Because this spirit wants to stop the Sage Emperor for being tyranical and killing countless people but wants the MC to forgive the Demon Lord for the exact same thing.

          Just because the scale is different and doesn’t affect spirit dude directly doesn’t give him the right to act all high and mighty and act like the Demon Lord’s crimes don’t matter. So I blame the author for this forced message that’s clearly just an excuse to paint the Demon Lord as an Anti Hero rather than a tyranical monster like he was painted as previously.

        2. That Daozang is retarded indeed, wasn’t the Sage Emperor one of the original 7 and betrayed them? Now he’s grooming a guy that treats lives like grass just because he’s part of the remaining 6, he’s practically trying to create a new Sage Emperor. Really smart -.-


    That expert Ancestral Master Daozang was talking about was NIE LIE PAST LIFE, he arrived trying to kill the sage emperor and to see his “6 DEITY BEASTS” which where the other 6 guys fighting the sage emperor, so he attacked them trying to absorb them to heal himself and ended up getting attacked by the sage emperor and the other 6 guys the “6 DEITY BEASTS” so before he died he ripped the book into different pages to reincarnate himself.


  4. this is my first time reading a chinese story but it feels so good and living in a real fiction world
    very very thanks for the author and translator
    i am dying to read this full story when will the story finished when can i get my hands on this precious book

    1. I don’t think so. Because all nie li’s friend died when glory city destroyed. only xiao ning’er missing. I agreed with gundam_man for xiao yu to become one of the reincarnations.

    1. yeah. Pretty sure the author only made this up recently because he wanted to write a brooding anti hero into the story and former villains turned good tend to fit the bill.

      So now he’s trying to rewrite the Demon Lord’s character since he changed his mind about just having Nie Li kill him off later.

      1. It’s not written in stone that the Demon Lord is going to become a good guy just because he received a new technique from one of the 6 reincarnations…

        The author even wrote in Nie Li disagreeing with Zangs choice. Also these 2 were the first people he had encountered in over 10 million years… Most likely he though after being alone for so long he would just give his power to whom ever appeared before him first.

        The Demon Lord was only really introduced shortly before they actually encountered before going to the Draconic Ruins so he is really still a mystery. I am not saying him killing millions in order to resurrect is okay but there is still way to much we don’t know about him, not to mention Nie Li also mention he seemed different from his previous encounter.

        I see why this bothers you though and how you think the author is just writing in random crap to fill in spaces. Sometimes in order to explain things one needs write stuff like this even if it turns an ass into a possible ally in the future to stop a super ass hole i really don’t think Nie Li will except the Demon Lord as an ally even if some old geezer told him it was necessary to save humanity. He also explained some things about the Temporal Demon book saying if Nie Li could gather it together he might have a chance to defeat the Sage without the help of the Demon Lord.

        Everyone will see things differently and will like some things while others will dislike it. I only recently started reading this series and read everything recently so from my point of view it doesn’t seem like the author is going to make the Demon Lord into a friendly ally… they might co-op to take out the sage but even so Nie Li would still kill him, if no Ye Ziyun would and Nie Li is in love with her so obviously he would take her side regardless right. Yeah it does sound stupid that guy was asking Nie Li to work together with a mass murder and the life and death bit seems meaning less well yeah it does… i mean the humans and demon clans alike are killing each other to only be revived back at the soul institute again.

        He was an enemy back in the Tiny World not to mention in order to meet King Kong(i think that’s his name) Nie Li has to defeat the other 4 inheritors of his will and the Demon Lord is one of them.

  5. Mehh.. only 47 chapters left and we’ll be stuck behind by the cliffhanger.. I hope the author can do something real quick about this series. TDG is one of my daily-life-support novel, and I don’t want to part with this series. Hope this series not going to be abandoned. Though, still thanks to Thyaeria and Co..

  6. This is by far the laziest attempt to rewrite a character I have ever seen

    Daozang” hey Demon Lord help save humanity”

    Demon Lord “sure I don’t see why not”

    Nie Li “But he litterally lead demon beast attacks to murder countless humans, sacrificed children to preserve his life (which shouldn’t have been needed if being a reincarnation is so special), and he happily kills anyone he wishes even if they aren’t in his way!”

    Daozang ” yeah but …. in the grand scheme on things … it didn’t matter. Yeah that’s it. All his crimes and murder can be forgiven simply due to the fact that death in inevitable and in the big picture of the universe a few deaths mean nothing.”

    I mean seriously this is so contrary to so much of the story to this point and is so disgustingly hypocritical that I’m starting to feel sick. I’m almost sure the author only wrote this because he wanted to repurpose the Demon Lord’s character from just being a disposable villain for Nie Li to step on to a major character and Anti Hero.

    1. Yea… I hate this character recycling. It’s contrived, lazy and frustrating. It’s like the author gets attached to his characters, good or bad, and doesn’t want to have them killed so he gives them plot armor.

      As a reader, it makes for a toxic experience, because we crave resolution (death of the bad guy) and we are deprived from it every time the author saves a villain. In the end you feel like a donkey led by a carrot on a stick.

  7. Thanks for the chapter Thyaeria, Xex, and Dogboy90! Master Daozhang better come up with an infalliable reason for why the Demon Lord needs to be alive for the Sage Emperor to be defeated otherwise I’m sure Nie Li could work around it.

  8. Nie li literally was so strong in his prime he never needed the help of this 6-7 weaklings in the first place so just kill the demon Lord.. Seriously he should just replace the 6-7 weakling with the friends he had been grooming to fight the sage emperor which he had been doing since the very beginning of the story.. No one is saying they cannot be taken over, anyway. he just need to put people with equal or superior amount of strength to this 6-7 weaklings which has always been what he planned from the start of the series.

  9. Thanks for the chapter Thyaeria, Xex and Dogboy90!!

    Why is everyone hating on Demon Lord? Did everyone forget the fact that a family from glory city killed his only family leaving him alone so he left the city to wait until he could get his revenge. Hows that any different to Nie Li with Sage Emperor wanting revenge, just because he hated glory city doesn’t mean he wants the human race to be suppressed and killed, of course he would want to defeat the Sage Emperor too.

    1. Yes ONE family that was wiped out before the MC was even born did bad shit. That totally makes trying to murder all of glory City and sacrificing children okay ….

      But seriously Nie Li himself stated that he originally felt sorry for the Demon Lord because he knew his past. But that went out the window when the Demon Lord murdered his father in law for no reason than his own amusement.

      When Nie Li gets revenge on people he generally just gets in on them specifically. He doesn’t proceed to blame a bunch of unrelated people and he even generally doesn’t outright murder people he wants revenge on unless they just are the type that have to be stopped.

  10. I really really wish that the demon lord and that traitor just didn’t go very far in the story, either they die a stupid death which they should”ve already, at least that traitor, or at least nie li will kill them. At this point i’m just confused with the amount of villains that just won’t die because of plot armor.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  11. What if the Demon lord is just possessing the body that was reincarnated. Maybe Nie li will find a way to reverse the Spiritual Constellation Technique and purify the body. Best of both worlds : )

  12. This is my first time on this post. And I just wanna share my thoughts. Have you relaised of it peers that all the recarnation ones had born on the little realm. My thoughts are:

    Nie Li
    Ye Ziyun
    Demon Lord
    Xiao (I don’t recall the true name, but is the girl whom is in live of our MC )
    Xiao Xue (the nether maater daughter’S )
    And for the last the loyal friend of Nie Li with the bloodline of the black dragon beast..

    There is the 7 recarnationS who has the fate of to fight against the sage emperor with the help of Nie lie.

    REMEMBER the powerful seal that the little realm has

  13. Thanks for the chapter ^_^

    I read Cult of Sacred Runes before. After reading this chapter for me I think if there gonna be some cross over between CSR and TDG, maybe I can think of 3 possibility.

    1st That absolute expert is Ye Wei, and Nie Li is reincarnation of Ye Wei, Ye Ziyun is reincarnation of Lin Ziyan.
    2nd That absolute expert is only a puppet of Ye Wei, not his real body. Because I think he’s really formidable.
    3rd That absolute expert isn’t Ye Wei -_-” Although he pursued the Temporal Demon Spirit Book on the last chapter of CSR with at least two of his puppet but it may be fell in some others hand in the end, which Ye Wei may appear somewhere else in TDG if there gonna be some cross over.

    Anyway, I guess, regardless of who that expert was, that huge battle he escaped should be the battle or war that fought over for the Temporal Demon Spirit Book because from CSR that book is a supreme in supreme treasure more supreme than the most supreme treasure in CSR that’s hard to find in the universe.

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